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  1. Thank you, Yea it was a gun and a few bit I am not so bothered my but I guess to late to request now so will just have to save up again to replace it.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Yea I thought it would be because of the death, If it was RP then I would expect it all gone. Stupid keyboard, unfortunately I don't think I have any screen shots of my inventory so I guess its just gone. Thank you for your help though
  3. Hi this might be simple but I lost everything in my Inventory my keyboard died when I was swimming and drowned when I came back everything was gone is this normal? is there away to retrieve it?
  4. Hey I have just seen this advert and am interested. What are you looking for per cycle on it? George
  5. did you ever figure this out as I have the same issue
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