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  1. Even though he finds rest of classes boring and unimportant, Jason takes an interest in art class. Having a knack for drawing, Jason mostly draws inspiration from the culture of East Los Santos that surrounds him. Wall surfaces are commonly covered in graffiti and murals with elements heavily inspired by Latino background of the neighborhood. Jason holds high hopes of taking advantage of his talent and becoming a tattoo artist in the future.
  2. Truly sick work, my dude. I used to do something similar back in 2013-14, but this is just on another level.
  3. The H in 'HS13' stands for 'home repair'.
  4. NOTE: The following text employs a stream of consciousness narrative closely associated with the events in screenshots below. 5:00 am May 8, Saturday El Burro Heights, East Los Santos "It was a party, we was gonna have fun, chill, smoke weed and shit. Why'd all this shit have to happen now?! Fuckin' Shadow. Why'd he have to go on and talk shit?! None of this shit would be happening! FUCK! Now Jules is dead and Yessy's dead. Over fuckin' bullshit. I fucked up, I know I did. I can't get their faces outta my head, dog. Can't stop thinkin' about their familia, how they must feel about it. Raider's probably fuckin' pissed at me about letting that fool slip. He's gonna kill me. Should I just pull the trigger and end myself? Is it that easy? Come on, Jay, you ain't a suicidal fool. Shit's gonna get handled, it always gets handled. It's already 5 am and I still can't fuckin' sleep." Later that day...
  5. NOTE: The following text reflects the character's thoughts on a certain matter and must not be meta gamed under any circumstances. "The costs is piling up, dog. I mean, drug slangin ain't gonna cut it. I earned a nice lil sum that night, but with me getting deeper into the game and all, I definitely need to step up. After all I gotta pay back Raider for the piece and Skitz for the lockpick. The fuckin' lockpick, homie. Tsk, I ain't even broke into no cars, only thing I did is practice on that goddamn bike lock. I ain't even got a contact for boosted cars and shit, this fuckin' tool is just sitting there at home. But I need to keep my piece tho. What if somebody tried to take my shit? Fuck am I gonna do without the piece? I need some fast paper, man. My boy Rico got a nice lil side job workin down at the store. I can probably work there. At least on weekends, cause I got school. I'll figure it out with big homie Devil to hook me up with a part-time gig. Who knows - I might even earn enough for that ink kit I been thinkin of."
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