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  1. For the past three days, I've been trying to connect to Gta:W but I simply can't because the moment I click on the server, it goes to establishing connection and then it gets to validating server assets for about 10 seconds and then it just closes. What I've Tried: • I've tried verifying my Gta 5. • I've deleted my client resources folder and let it all reinstall. • I've restarted my pc countless amount of times. • I've reinstalled Rage. • Changed my wifi connection All I want to do is just play to be honest so any help/advice would really be appreciated. Best Regards John Marino
  2. LSRP - Logan McCurdy - Bruno Franco - Kimberly Blackwood - John Beneventi
  3. Offering $175,000 cash right now, call me if you are up for the deal. Liam Byrne - 25946262
  4. After the loading rage multiplayer and it goes to loading server resources just minimize the tab or I mean like press the little dash and sit on the desktop for like 2 minutes once you open the game again you'll be on the login screen 🙂
  5. This vehicle has the best brakes,engine transmission and turbo aswell as suspension, It is insured and has many visual features like rims and fenders including a spoiler Dealership price: $43,000 Asking price: $37,500
  6. I got notifications for this thread, the best of the fuckin best!
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