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  1. I'm buying a Obey Tailgater S and a Dinka RT3000. Send me the details and the price by email ((Forum PM) or leave a reply here.
  2. Vehicle sold. ((L&A))
  3. Offer too low. Still for sale!
  4. I'm selling this beautiful Glendale Custom due to the fact that I don't have the time to enjoy it as much as I would like. It has a performance upgrades and security improvements. Feel free to leave your offers. Price: $80.000 Upgrades receipts and vehicle documents:
  5. Offering the asked price of $80,000. Contact me at: 6796891
  6. Offering the starting bid of $180,000
  7. Vehicle has been SOLD. ((L&A))
  8. I'm selling a Lampadati Komoda. It has the best performance parts fitted and also the best security systems available on the market, including top of the line anti-theft system. Exterior ((OOC STATS)) Leave your bids below. Minimum bid increment: $5,000
  9. N9NE

    [SOLD] Zion Cabrio

    Offering the starting bid of $70,000. PH: #6796891
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