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  1. Well it just shows that if you have a closer relationship with staff members you can get away with pretty much anything. People get ajailed for tabbing out in public but some mass DMers or hackers get ignored or unbanned because they are snitching on factions, etc. The bias is sad to see and it will probably be the thing that will eventually ruin this server. There was corruption in IFM and they are still not transparent even though they promised more transparency months ago. It's a shit-show. Staff members interpreting rules however they deem fit is the most retarded thing ever. Why are there so many grey areas in rules that always get talked about but there are no official rule additions made that would prevent staff members interpreting rules however they want? The double standards here are disgusting. (Please don't ban me haha.)
  2. It won't work unless there is heavy admin supervision present during every class, etc. The amount of childish trollers this community has makes this kind of RP impossible.
  3. Username: OraleFoo Comment: Real foos in Rancho don't claim this stank hoe, she not valid.
  4. Is this supposed to be DJ Akademiks from Wish?
  5. It's not the projects itself but the cop cars that are always in the area (around Davis ltd.).
  6. Yeah permanent here means 2 weeks:
  7. What if you admins actually tried rewarding rulebreakers with permanent bans.
  8. We don't need a national guard, we need a competent staff team that will enforce rules properly and punish people that break them instead of giving them 7 unofficial warnings. If you get away with mass murder once then you'll just do the same shit over and over because it's clearly tolerated. If people were getting banned for this blatant rule breaking then we wouldn't have 250 murders every day. It's not rocket science. You can't battle OOC rule breaking by putting new IC measures in place.
  9. Staff team needs to step it up and give out harsher punishments for DM and poor escalation. There are factions getting block wiped every day but the perpetrators get away with an unofficial warning or a 20-minute ajail after waiting a month for a report to get solved. IFM and management should push factions towards using their fists or melees instead of grabbing four people with ARs during every hit. There are factions with 5 pages that are already posting DM montages. Seems like IFM doesn't wanna do shit about these DM factions. And these factions are usually led by the same players that have been previously banned but somehow always end up unbanned. Just scroll through unofficial groups, the quality of roleplay in most of the illegal factions went downhill. We had New York gangs, we have gangs using UK slang and then factions that beef half the server just to have an excuse to shoot. The quality of the roleplay here is slowly turning into shit as IFM and RPQM idly watch. Can we see some permanent bans for players that repeatedly break rules and create characters to only DM? Stop giving out unbans after 3 days.
  10. We are setting up an amateur basketball league that will bring events to the city but also funds and things to do for people that make basketball part of their development. It will also bring promo opportunities for businesses. If anybody wants to help out or simply get involved - PM me here on forums or on discord: sCrax#2153.
  11. To single out black characters is just dumb. Most Hispanic gangs here act like they time-travelled back to 80s with their cholo lifestyle and vocabulary of a Mexican immigrant that just crossed the border. Most white gangs here act like they are straight out of American History X. Not even going to mention all the characters that are part of European groups that can't speak any English IC but somehow got 3 cars, 2 houses and a business. Are we gonna sit here and act like 90%+ European characters aren't part of a questionable criminal group? Overall RP quality here is not the best and people lack proper knowledge when portraying any characters but to single out black characters is just stupid.
  12. Make the business blips free since this dude's mom's credit card paid the server for next three months. Or pay a decent developer instead.
  13. More open businesses give players more roleplay options. And also competition is never bad. There is no downside to having different businesses opened at the same time. Whoever decided that you need to pay for a blip doesn't give a fuck about RP quality at all. I know a bunch of people that have unique business ideas but are not in a situation to pay this much money every month just because they want to have fun a few hours a week. Shit's insane. People complain that there is nothing to do besides going to clubs/bars but will make you pay a shitty fee just to open your business in a video game.
  14. This will only make market prices go crazy. We saw it on ls-rp when there were no restrictions. Houses in the hood were selling for tens of millions just because there was a shortage of houses and people were taking advantage of it to farm the most money they can.
  15. The same people that write those replies are the ones that will rather take part in a chase or shoot-out as a LEO instead of doing some passive RP. Then they will complain about every illegal RPer on this server and say "don't do crime bro". Try calling cops when your vehicle gets stolen, chances are sky-high that no one will even bother to show up because they simply find this RP boring. Try to initiate a chase though, you will have 20 units on you in 30 seconds. But according to their brainless statement they would rather have a server full of cops and completely legal characters. Would be funny to see for how long they'd stick around without illegal roleplayers.
  16. Exactly... People that say these kinds of things are usually LEO RPers that never tried roleplaying in a prison as a convict. I were in prison for 1 OOC month on one of my characters and I can count meaningful interactions on one hand due to my time zone. There were either no convicts around or there was a lockdown for no apparent reason. There are open court cases that started in early January... I know people don't want to sit on forums but 3 months to conclude a court case? Good luck to you if you pleaded no guilty.
  17. You guys need to realize that this is still a game. You already have to wait around a month or more to get a court case finished which is not fun for anyone. I had to wait 20 OOC days just to get a public defender assigned. Not to mention the OOC trouble that court cases bring which turns them into a big headache where player reports have to be made or LFM has to get involved. You complain about people renaming their characters but what do you think would happen if every capital offender caught a life sentence? Yes, they would just rename their character. And if your time zone is messed up you will just end up afking through your sentence or renaming anyways since there are no people to roleplay with. Deputies are already lacking with their activity in TTCF. Enforcing harsher sentences would just increase throw-away characters. This does not solve anything. Make a lifer character If you want to enhance the TTCF culture instead of shitting on illegal roleplayers. Some people find an hour outside their busy schedules to roleplay and have fun and they should not be forced to sit in an empty prison for 2 OOC months just because some judge or other party is lazy to reply on forums.
  18. what about dog ears though????? are you seriously trying to discriminate people that want to roleplay being a dog??? how dare you
  19. Just use common sense when roleplaying with residents of South Central. If you are going to treat them with respect you will get the same respect back. But if you are a weirdo wearing cat ears and you give people attitude for no reason when they approach you then you'll get robbed, simple as that. I own a business there and we didn't have a single shoplifter or fight in past 3 months. I also interact with almost every faction there and I haven't been robbed in the past year. Instead of exaggerating and complaining try to bring some change in South Central by creating businesses that fit the area and enhance overall community vibe for example. All these lies about how gangbangers don't allow anyone else to roleplay in the area do not help with shit. And yes, there are some bad apples but they usually get weeded out quickly because none of the factions want to roleplay with them.
  20. Keep that weird shit blacklisted. We don't need a male variant for this weird shit either.
  21. Oh yes because characters involved in criminal RP can't conduct civilian RP. 😆
  22. I have an anime PFP and I hate every gang roleplayer!!!!
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