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  1. (( A bit of OOC: We're a "new" business. We've been around for some months as the San Andreas Aero Club but we started this new service. This is to promote aviation and to allow players to actually roleplay a professional pilot, other than doing instruction or city tours/parachuting. More info to come! ))
  2. We currently recruit: * Pilots * Operations Manager * Air Hostess (Flight attendant) CLICK THIS LINK FOR AN APPLICATION FORM
  3. If you would like to reach us, please check our contacts list below to find the suitable person to reach. For hiring, check the Careers section. For sales and customer service, reach out to [email protected] For any other concern, send us an e-mail at [email protected] At all times you can give us a call at #7600
  4. We can't connect the world unless we reflect it. That's why San Andreas Airways is committed to promoting diversity in our hiring, seeing the world from a multicultural perspective, and incorporating inclusive actions into everything we do. We are a regional airline operating commercial passenger and cargo flights.
  5. There are ways to fly for cheap though. :)
  6. Understood! Yes, we are getting things started as a business for now :) Thanks
  7. Good day! SAAC is proudly and freely offering floatplane certifications to its members! This is not a license, but more like a cheap way to learn the rudiments of flying a floatplane, and gets you a nice certificate in the end. The course lasts about 1h to 1h30 and you'll first be taught the basics, then you'll fly with the instructor next to you. Finally, when the instructor confirms you are able to fly safely in a floatplane, you two will take two floatplanes and do a small group flight where you'll land at unique places. Book now with Anton or Gabriella! #24189735 or #94397895
  8. Something great is coming up :o
  9. @Chey I updated the thread. With 1.1 on our way, there is no reason to wait to get the Miljet. :)
  10. Would be a neat idea. Not "Forced" though. Just supported. So a controller would check both chat and audio. The only bad side of this, is if a player uses teamspeak, and the other pilot isn't on teamspeak. He'll never hear his comms! Perhaps could only be a thing when the tower is active. In other cases, you type ingame!
  11. @TheCHcuky I will comment your list up there. You're right about the prices that have absolute non-sense and is inevitably a gamebreaker for aviation. Truth is no private pilot in real life (except millionaires) buy new aircrafts like Cessna's. I mean, a new cessna is like 400K, but I can get you a 152 for 30K$ and a 172 for 70K$ in real life lol, and that is a faiiiir price. You're totally right on that! This is a yes and no. It's been done on GTA SA / MTA, and even though people enjoyed the RP that happened inside, they missed seeing outside. Could be simply points that truckers can go refill their goods instead of running back to the LS Docks. But it'd be a bit RPG imo haha! Maybe could spice it up by requiring at least two crew members (a pilot and a handler)... That won't help in my opinion. I'm myself a flight instructor at Blaine and we have a shortage of instructors. Why? Because it is an intense 1h to 1h30 of roleplay that you must type and can't do anything else. So not many people are interested in it. In my business San Andreas Aero Club we're working on that! :) I disagree there. Nothing's more annoying than typing when you fly. So adding a new intermediate to deal with is kind of a blocker. Plus, emergencies dont really happen... or well. They're too rare. Never witnessed one 'in air'. Only on ground. I'm in the works with FT to implement a regional airline. I'll come up with details if that passes through. That'd be good RP for pilots, but also any citizen who enjoys flying :)
  12. The beautiful view at 8000 ft, above the lighten city.
  13. The San Andreas Aero Club (SAAC) was founded in June 2020 by pilots, for pilots. It is based in Grapeseed at the McKenzie Field airfield. With a constant increase in the aviation industry, and the increase of pilots, the founders noticed something was missing: the feeling of community among the pilots. The idea of this aero club was created, to bring people together and offer pilots also a chance to lease an aircraft at minimal cost, if they cannot afford an aircraft. Our mission is: Promote aviation in San Andreas Build a community of passionate Inform general public about aviation (both for pleasure & commercial), how to get a license, etc. Help commercial pilots find work Direct access to all pilots for businesses that are aviation-related We offer the following services to our members: Organising events for pilots such as Fly-In’s, formation flights, short takeoff and landing competitions and more! (included) Continuous training for licensed pilots (included) Documentations for a safer flight! (included) Management of McKenzie Field airfield (included) Aircraft maintenance Aircraft rental (extra $) You will find here a list of our packages: All information can be found in detail on our website http://aeroclub.icweb.org/aeroclub/ By being constantly involved in the aviation both as a pilot, club owner but also a flight instructor, a need in a regional airline has been brought up to my ears many, many times. Either it is fixed-wings pilots/students wishing to work in that field, but also citizens of the county and the city, wishing to fast-travel between the three airports : LSIA, Sandy Shores and Grapeseed. Due to that, we are merging the idea of the Aero Club together with San Andreas Airways, where a common corporation is created, which will have two branches. With the Miljet, offering a spacious 16 passenger seats, we will be able to host daily flights in the same method as a bus (commuting). The training is scheduled to start as soon as we have the confirmation that this is going forward. Our goal is not money-oriented - thus, even though we will charge individual tickets for flights, they will be very cheap in order to encourage people to use our service. We will be looking out for pilots, but also various other roles like ground handling, dispatching and air hostesses. Current roster as requested:
  14. Just a public headsup, you may have noticed a decrease in our activity. This is solely due to the fact I'm in vacations in real life until the 20th of July and have maaany other plans other than sitting at my desk. It should come back actively, with a few things planned already, after the 20th! Thanks. :)
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