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  1. I'm not one for long replies. Bigger and more meaningful development, it's time we catch up to the competition.
  2. This man is a menace 2 society. #lockhimup
  3. Looking 4 fellow homeless characters.
  4. Glitch


    People want the most unrealistic behaviors in this game but a bit of snow is a game breaker. interesting.
  5. Or you know, stop killing the server by constantly voiding every god damn thing and simply ask in /b are all players affected by this OK to continue? If 75-80% say yes then continue. I too, just like the others, get tired of scenes being voided and it’s one of the reasons I stopped playing in the past. Just let shit happen and roll with it, if something is ultra unrealistic then yeah, otherwise let us have fun. edit: also the playerbase average numbers have gone down, we used to get 800-900 around peak times, now we barely reach 650.
  6. This is why I don’t bother whipping up topics on the internet or engage in discussions. bad people everywhere. I feel you OP. Keep it up big homie.
  7. Yeah uh, maybe this needs a revisit by management. It makes no sense.
  8. Hi excuse me but roleplaying anything is cringe. Don’t @ me.
  9. If only there was a way to reduce accidents in the server… such as driving slower or checking junctions before rolling through… if only.
  10. Name and shame people who skip.
  11. Roleplaying with @ZaE was fun today! Appreciated it.
  12. Glitch

    Map changes

    Even with that hardware I get terrible fps. It’s a rageMp problem
  13. I get that, but it can lead to some fun roleplay when cops or someone else frisks you, it gives an idea of what your character is when you show your inventory to someone else. The other day I bought a book, scriptwise. Do I need it scriptwise? No, but why not spend my money on something?
  14. How exactly does this bother you?
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