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  1. Wish her the best from the top of my heart. God bless her sweet Soul. Privet Donated via Paypal.
  2. Looking forward to get in touch with y'all - Joseph LaRocca.
  3. I accidentally picked the second one. So yes lets go for 1.1
  4. Streetz of Los Santos.(LSB) SAMP
  5. the real reason why people use menyoo is to milk likes out of their non- interesting photos on FB
  6. Saint

    Modern Warfare

    its a blast from the past. hmu if any1 wants to play.
  7. looks great bro. might'a check it out. haven't rp'd in a min
  8. I totally agree with wicked regarding this whole discussion. Tbh i'm tired of having my roleplay dictated because people can't stand the fact that my character wants to drink a heineken/corona instead of a pisswasser.
  9. it looks promising, gave me a flashback of the mw2 days. Imma give the beta a try for sure tho.
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