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  1. The Cossacks Motorcycle Club is depicting a real 1 %er motorcycle club in 2023 with realism being the main goal within the faction. We're waiting and welcoming everyone who wants to join the faction with open arms and an open mind. If you're not so familiar with the 1%er biker scene we'll provide whoever joins the necessary information for them to strive and succeed within the ranks. Keep in mind the only thing we're requesting is decent to good grammar and an understanding of the English language. We don't condone rule-breaking and trolling. Respect comes first within our faction and we aim to keep a respectful and healthy environment for everyone. Feel free to message us at — @Mark of Cain or @SYL CMC.
  2. unfortunately don't have time to take care of the project, can be archived and probably opened at a later date.
  3. reserved for videos, news, etc
  4. The faction is NOT INVITE-ONLY. Everyone is welcome in the faction, with one very important rule: respect the server rules. For more details, please visit the faction discord: https://discord.gg/QQaggUYpHq
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