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  1. Tailgater S sold! Cinquemilla reserved until the 1st of June. Exemplar still available!
  2. Coquette sold! You got it. If you hold your word, I don't mind. We're not in a rush or anything. --------------- Snatch yourself a top of the line Tailgater S or an Exemplar while you can!
  3. 2021 Lampadati Cinquemilla "Trofeo" Description: The vehicle comes with top of the line security features as well as the optional performance package from the factory. The same vehicle new from the factory with the same options would cost ~$330.000. I'm the vehicle's second only owner. As much as I tried to love this car, I just can't. Another impulsive purchase, never actually really ended up driving it. I spent way too much money on the vehicle, losing a lot of money on it either way. Financing possible if a stable means of income can be proven. Documents: Asking Price: $250.000 (RESERVED UNTIL JUNE 1ST) (Considering Trades as I'm looking for a new daily driver - Firm Price, Not in a rush to sell) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013 Dewbauchee Exemplar Description: The vehicle comes with top of the line security features as well as the optional performance package from the factory. The same vehicle new from the factory with the same options would cost ~$270.000. I'm the vehicle's second only owner, can be proved via documents. I have owned this vehicle for roughly 4 years (( Almost a year OOC time )) and like the saying goes "if you love something, let it go". Simply don't drive it anymore. The "thrill" of it is just gone for me, perhaps it can find a better use in someone else's hands. 5.9L V12 / 477 HP / 6-Speed Automatic Exterior: Jet Black Interior: Obsidian Black Leather Financing possible if a stable means of income can be proven. Documents: Asking Price: $200.000 (Considering Trades as I'm looking for a new daily driver - Firm Price, Not in a rush to sell) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have no real rush to sell any of the vehicles so the prices are firm, I'm fortunate enough to be in a position where I can upkeep them for longer periods of time if needed. I'm potentially interested in a trade as I'm looking to acquire a new daily driver after these are sold off. I'm interested in middle- to upper class vehicles, good security features are a must. Reach out to me via E-Mail if you are interested in any of the vehicles, make sure to leave your number!
  4. Willing to pick it up for $75.000 whenever 293-53-991 @3000 Increasing my offer to $80.000
  5. The Enforcer Part I 1 Year Later..
  6. Still available! Buyout has been adjusted. Payment in installments is possible with proof of a stable means of income.
  7. Sigh. So I rarely respond to threads and I already hate that I will spend an hour+ of my free time on a Sunday evening responding to this but some of the things I read here are so concerning that I have to give a bit of a voice of reason before someone that actually has a say on the server gets a motivation by some of the "solutions" presented here. So let's all take a breather and think for a second, please. I will almost exclusively respond to @mj2002 reply. Truth be told, I'm perhaps a bit disappointed by your reply as you are usually a voice of reason yourself, you also proposed some really important rules/rule changes that affect the server to this day but the solutions and ideas that you have written up in regards to this topic here will literally cause the complete opposite of what you're trying to fix, and even amplify it down the line. It's a bit similar to the discussion we had in regards to properties where; You proposed a 20-hour weekly play requirement to keep a house (Idea: People should stop hoarding houses that they don't use. Reality: Would have taken houses from absolutely anyone that has a real-life, studies or works. Even at 5 hours a week. What we have now, is fair.) You proposed running costs for properties (Idea: People will stop hoarding properties. Reality: Renting costs would skyrocket, cheap rents would be abolished due to the cost to just own properties and rich characters will hoard properties unscathed and rent it out to equally rich(er) characters with the now increased rent.) Now you might ask why I'm making such bold statements and making such a fuzz about it? Because if @mj2002's solutions would be implemented one-to-one, it would have really serious consequences to the player-owned dealership scene and not in a good way. These are short-term solutions with a lot of long-term backlashes. I mean your main stance was to ease up dealership leases and to make them more accessible but also to increase dealership RP standards? Do you not see the problem here? Let alone the fact that the topic at hand is private car flipping and you're trying to put some new rules on dealerships. Regardless, allow to FINALLY respond to a few points instead of throwing big words around. Okay, so the problem here is that my opinion can be seen as biased and to some degree it is. I run a dealership myself, so of course less dealerships would benefit me to some degree however if you give me the benefit of the doubt, allow me to explain why this is a bad idea. There was a time a few months back when there were roughly 3 active dealerships, private car flipping was to a minimum, I heard very little noise and complaints about the car scene and all was well. Then at some point we had a surge of dealerships and like 4-5 new ones popped up all at basically the same time. Here's the catch; None of them were much good. I'm not scared to hurt feelings, I already know I will upset a lot of people but I'm simply saying how it simply is/was. They did not add anything to the server apart from being as you already have mentioned glorified "NPC shops", zero standards were enforced and to quote you, "money farms". This was actually so bad I almost got my entire house request denied because (direct quote from my request) "Property Management does not approve of businesses that provide a passive means of income". I was like.. "what"? I was very insulted by this statement back then in regards to what I try to achieve with my dealership and at the time? I did not understand what they meant by that altogether. Now that some time has passed and I seen some other dealerships, especially the newer ones? I do understand it. To just summarize it a bit. There is two dealerships that are still around that shall remain unnamed that currently have $10.000-$20.000 rust buckets (literally, ratbikes, surfers, you name it) next to $300.000-$400.000 supercars and luxury vehicles. I have enough fuel, screenshots and logs to start a PM investigation if I wanted to, still debating if it's worth my time and all the stress. There's a dealership in a run-down ghetto area (only 1 so can't really keep it anonymous) that sells budget vehicles but also a $300.000 wooden built speedboat?? Yes, it is quite happily portrayed on their thread under the "for sale" section, got the screenshots for that as well. They also have the occasional 300K V-STR (also on their thread) and similar, technically would be the third dealership if referring to my previous point. There is a dealership, whose owner seemingly cannot separate IC and OOC. Everyone's favorite word "mallrat" by every stretch of the imagination. Actually surprisingly quite known around the server and NONE had anything remotely good things to say. An entire RPQM case but their RP is just acceptable enough RP so that even with an RPQM and or PM report, they will be let go with a warning or nothing will happen altogether most likely. There is a dealership that ticks every of the above mentioned boxes plus horrendous portrayal standards. Nobody I talked to even understands how they have a dealership lol. Not even "wow they are bad" or "I really just avoid them", actually "how is their dealership not taken away yet?" reactions. There is a dealership that tried the Showroom routine like me, I think they bothered like twice (exaggeration) and now decided to just fill up a parking lot with their supercars. (At least they stick to a somewhat realistic concept? Only higher-end? The smallest trouble-maker in that sense). But they still have a public parking lot filled with supercars for sale, this is really reckless if you think about this from a real life perspective, what insurance company would even offer them a contract? Supercars open on display publicly that can be easily damaged and vandalized. These are my "colleagues". Can I now understand why PM is this hostile against dealerships? I do. Is it fair that I get thrown in the same bracket as the ones above? No, but what can you do? There is also one car flipper currently that dominates the entire vehicle sales section, without a dealership (amazed how PM hasn't jumped on it yet. Did no one complain or does PM just never check forums at ALL? Click on the vehicles section right now and you see 5+ ads from the same person on the first page, go on their forum acc and you see like 20 cars in the last few weeks). I actually tried to fight against this problem and tried to induct them into my dealership as an employee perhaps. I guess some sort of OOC vigilante attempt, would have gotten rid of a car flipper and perhaps teach them some ways as well.... what turned out in reality? I told them on OOC basis after the IC interview that they should not write up an IC application (and waste their time) to me because their English and RP skills were rather concerning or would at least have a bad look on my dealership. Now that I have pissed everyone off; if stricter standards on dealerships were to be enforced, depending how strict they are, I have enough fuel to wipe 5 dealerships (plus all the car flippers who I have been discovering) or at least have PM give them a really serious slap on the wrists. So please again, do not loosen up the availability of dealership ownership to people, even most of the current ones barely deserve to keep theirs. This is not an attack on you by the way @mj2002, you'd be one of three dealerships that I currently have no issues with. The entire section below, I agree with. That's just how things are unfortunately. I very rarely actually get people that are willing to roleplay a car purchase properly. I'm so fortunate to have my own little fortress in a sense because I can chose who I want to interact with. God, am I not jealous whatsoever of bars or other much more populated businesses. Perhaps in a sense it's actually a lot sweeter when I find that 1 out of a 100 person that actually can roleplay back and shows some genuine interest? You wrote this in regards to car flippers and trust me, that can be really quickly solved. If you went the order 66 route and made it so that car flipping is by ajail-punishable offense, since it is a rule break after all? I'm sure this will scatter all the car flippers about or make them scared to be as bold as they were before, perhaps they would resort to selling 3 cars at a time or something which at that point? Who cares, not even a problem anymore. BUT! This is a short-term solution, the very thing I'm critiquing you for now. This would have 1 drawback down the line; They won't be able to have leases anymore if they have an ajail-entry for breaking PM rules. This could in turn motivate them to continue since they have nothing to lose anymore. No one will get a permaban from car-flipping so if they get caught? Nothing to lose anymore, they'll continue. The good thing? People will get a bit more respect for PM rules. Because if you car-flip with shit RP? An ajil for you, goodbye any future lease for you, any request, chance to get an admin position, you name it. It's a coin with two sides, you have to decide if the drawbacks are worth the reward. But if you referring to the people not caring that much about quality vehicle roleplay? You're correct. Nothing can be done about that. I know you probably mean well, I know you probably don't refer to me but please do not make bold statements like that, especially when your word gets taken seriously (compared to others) on this platform. Now that I have upset some people and called out others, I do want to make a statement here. There's a company called Vetrov Automotive, a dealership that has been actively around for ~1.5 OOC years. The only dealership with a Showroom on the server. A company that is harder to join with a stronger vetting process than some legal factions (in their defense if you take something like the LSPD, it's of course easier for me to keep an eye out over 5 people compared to PD command looking over 100+). We have an active forum thread, a website, a discord, people that do accounting and income summaries, business cards for our employees, dress codes, an entire book of regulations and policies, you name it. Only drawback perhaps? You have bit of an asshole owner (me). Matter or perspective after all. I spend easily half an hour on average per sale, someone lasting even up to 1-2 hours depending on the willingness of the other person to roleplay. I try my absolute best to try and set an example. An example that I can now confidently say in hindsight nobody was willing to follow. And why would they? Because even the worst offenders of bad dealerships? They get the same benefits, are seen in the same eyes by PM and make even more money than me : ) Let me just tell you: -A dealership owner that I extorted and have a current manhunt for? The same person that had a report (that was accepted) on his name for a play to win mentality, the same person that also went the OOC route via admins (and failed) when I tried to extort him? He got a house on the same street as me. -A dealership owner that in the past ran one of the worst dealerships on the server with a bunch of rulebreaks and questionable RP? He got a house on the same street as me and PM also allowed him to run a dealership again. -A dealership owner that I currently extort (Nothing bad to say in regards to his RP though)? Has a house on the same street as me. So literally if all this time I just had a parking lot and had borderline acceptable RP on my premises? I still would have gotten the same house I have now, would have made even much more money and nothing would have been different. 1.5 Years of trying to go beyond what's expected of me? For nothing, really. Now, I did try to address the demand issue that you brought up as well. I requested to move to a larger location, still in Rockford Hills. I wrote a really long essay requesting that Showroom building where "High End Autos" is currently located at the side of. I thought (at the time) of me showing my best when it comes to dealership RP would have accounted to something. I gotten like a 2 sentence reply to my request. "We denied other dealerships that location in the past"... Well. And I'm "other" dealerships? What sort of argument is that? All the ones that requested it were probably completely fresh in the car-scene characters that didn't had a dealership before or ones that did have but with questionable RP standards. But here we are, being put in the same bracket again. By the way, there's literally no real reason why I couldn't get that building, that NPC dealership didn't even really intervene with the building and could have been easily moved with a simple coordinates change. I even offered putting it where my dealership not a street block away was. Hell, even leave my interior just to add that little bit of immersion (but to have the NPC dealership on the street still of course). PM said no. Now attempt #2. I wanted to see if I could perhaps have a second dealership that would specify in lower-end vehicles exclusively (as the Vetrov Automotive Showroom exclusively focuses on higher-end vehicles). No, can't have 2 leased businesses at once. PM said no. So tell me, do you not think there's perhaps other issues at hand here? Perhaps not look at the current problems but at the root of them? If even me (high ego; I know) gets silenced by PM, what sort of hope do you think there is to get any sort of good dealership RP? Perhaps this applies to parking lot dealerships, I see a LOT of traffic there for the above mentioned reasons, a lot of people don't want to enter an interior or let alone roleplay (imagine having to roleplay on a roleplay server?) a car purchase, just quickly check the /carsign and leave with a new car within 5 minutes. And trust me, there's enough dealerships out there that are willing to provide people just that, you know that yourself. Let me do something that I have never done before, share some numbers with you. Income Vetrov = $333.550 Income Vetrov = $146.270 Income Vetrov = $123.250 Income Vetrov = $143.375 Income Vetrov = $106.900 Income Vetrov = $50.800 Income Vetrov = $189.800 Income Vetrov = $210.870 These are my weekly income numbers for the past few weeks (in order, most recent ones first). Note that I'm active, the place sees a few hours a week for sure. This is after my even harsher campaign to exclusively focus on high-end vehicles. Seeing how a club receives $48.0000 per opening if people come, plus all the $700 entrance fees, you might have to pinpoint me the part where it's an easy money farm compared to other businesses. Do you want to see my numbers from a few months back when I was a bit looser and had mid/lower-range vehicles too? Total Income: $1,368,382 ------------ Income Vetrov = $656.637 (Sales, Shares - Property Cost, Commissions) Total Income: $958,235 ------------ Income Vetrov = $360.957 (Sales, Shares - Property Cost, Commissions) This is per week, by the way. So my standards raised, my income drastically dropped but no one really cares, PM surely does not as seen with my examples above. So why should I bother? Why should I bother keeping the RP standard and the bar at my place this high? Why don't I just drop my standards, start selling crappy cars again and get my numbers to ludicrous amounts back up? So to read this sort of suggestion; Allow me to rephrase that one for you: The financial hit on parking lot dealerships itself is non existent. If I sell a V-STR for $320.000, I pay $16.000 tax, I make about $15-20.000 profit. You want to increase that? To what, 10%? That I pay $32.000 tax? People already complain that I have high-prices, what do you want me to do? You either A.) Bully me out of the car industry because it's literally not going to be worth it anymore or B.) You'll force me to drop my standards by a lot, reduce my time I RP with people and start dealing in cheaper vehicles to get my sales figures up. I colored what part of your point made I agree with and what part I disagree with. of course I'm all up for increasing standards within dealerships but giving out dealerships to people a lot more freely is just simply not the way to go. It's not an opinion, it's a fact. It's been shown over the last 1-2 years. I have witnessed it myself and I'm sure you did too. In an utopia of course you would want a lot more dealerships with great roleplayers as owners but I'm afraid it just doesn't work like that. If it was the case? Sure, I would be for it but you will just (100%) introduce more bad dealerships and it's just not going to do any good. With the sales tax, again; Reconsider who you would be really punishing here and what sort of behavior would be more beneficial to adapt to the higher sales tax. If you want me to make a statement to this, of course I vouch towards being stricter on dealerships, car flippers and that PM rules in general are more enforced. I also do agree with the points made by @Cypher99 and @Hawken/Moscropp. However please do think about what sort of consequences some of the suggestions could have here, it would literally affect anyone and in my humble opinion; Not for the better.
  8. Property is now on sale! Starting bid set at $2.000.000 with a buyout set at $2.500.000. !Note! $2.000.000 is a price that I'm willing to part with the property ways with, it's not a way to farm free bids/comments/attention. The buyout is set at $2.500.000 as a safety buffer should there be high demand for the property. The property will be let go after a few days should there be a $2.000.000 bid and seemingly no further interest. Happy bidding!
  9. Confirming that the Albany Virgo has been sold for $45.000. Vapid Chino Custom is still available!
  10. Albany Virgo Description: A left-over vehicle from the Vetrov Automotive Showroom. A vehicle acquired via a trade-in however not suitable for display in the Showroom. Documents attached as a copy. Sold for cheaper than its value. Asking Price: $45.000 SOLD! (Not in a rush to sell, trades considered) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vapid Chino Custom Description: A left-over vehicle from the Vetrov Automotive Showroom. A vehicle acquired via a trade-in however not suitable for display in the Showroom. Documents attached as a copy. Sold for cheaper than its value. Asking Price: $70.000 SOLD! (trades not considered) CONTACT E-Mail: Phone:
  11. Still available. Note that $750.000 is a price I'm willing to let the property go for. No foolery involved as often seen where certain individuals put a starting bid but actually only will let something go for $XY instead.
  12. $285.000 if still available 005-313-95
  13. [SOLD!] Tinsel Tower - High Floor High-End Apartment Here we are looking at a genuinely beautiful High-End apartment that is large enough to house an entire family (or two!). I'm only letting this go due to me gathering funds for a move. The apartment is located on the 10th floor out of 12 available. The apartment also comes with rentable private parking specifically for this apartment in the underground garage if the new owner decides to take these over from me (( Just RP sake, the property comes with an accessible underground garage for tenants/owners )). Unbelievable view of the city and skyline all around the property including the 2 guest rooms! (( The property was fully mapped inside the actual building, meaning that the view you get is also the IC View, same goes for the size of the property. The 2 floors are also as tall and fit the outside window of the floor. I think it's rather rare to have a residential property that is fully mapped inside, so this makes a little bit special. On top of that it was also mapped to have working lighting all around the house if the property time gets set to night for the most part, only reason I have also taken pictures this late instead of waiting for tomorrow! )) The Property Includes; - 2 Floors - Underground Garage with private parking opportunities - 2 Guest Rooms, each with their own Bathroom -Spacious Living Room, TV-Set-Up -large Kitchen with Dinning Area - Master Bedroom w/ large Bathroom w/ Walk-In Shower and Bath -Laundry Room -Large Home Office -Personal Bar -Home Gym Pictures Living Room Recreation Area Kitchen & Dining Area Bar Home Gym Laundry Room Home Office Master Bedroom Guestroom #1 Guestroom #2 PRICING Starting Price: $750.000 Minimum Increments: $10.000 Current Bid: N/A Instant Buyout Price: $850.000 Property Trades w/ Adequate Value: Not Considered Vehicle Trade-Ins w/ Adequate Value: Considered (( Market Price: $325.000 )) (( Furniture Worth: $328.213 )) (( Maximum Buyout (3x): $1,303.213 )) (( Purchase Date: 21-Sep-2021 => ~2 Months )) CONTACT Tinsel Tower Floor #10 E-Mail: Click Here Phone: 005-313-95
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