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  1. Such an awesome read! the music compliments the little vignettes of Elizabeth as well. Keep it up ❤️
  2. To infinity and beyond: How Dr.Danielle Shaw and Infinity Medical are shaping the future of the private medical sector. Can the private health sector be client-focused and not profit-driven? The age-old question still rings true today, more than ever. In an era where many Americans are being drowned by the immense medical costs associated with healthcare, is there avoid to step into by a client-focused, honest, and sincere company? It is no secret that the healthcare system in Los Santos leaves a lot to be desired. Long waiting lists for elective surgery, overcrow
  3. Armed with nothing but a camera, I ventured the streets of South Los Santos. Oh, South Central how you have a special place in my heart and memory. I've been mugged in South Los Santos.. twice, at the time of writing this article. To be perfectly honest, I would not be surprised if that number increases throughout my time here. When I told my mother that I was going to venture around the neighborhoods of South LS between 4 and 6 am, her eyes burnt a hole in me, but that's just what I did. I'm tired of all the same old crime stories coming out of
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