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  1. Charmz


    I'm not gonna hide it I come on here every day to check on this topic, brings a smile to my face. ur doing god's work
  2. I suggest everyone needs to chill on the legal/illegal debate thing because every time it happens it makes me cringe so bad, stop acting like you're 5 year olds in a kindergarten..
  3. No lol, if you want to suggest something you can easily come to an agreement on the Illegal community Discord server and then bring up the suggestion to here without the need of having a whole separate forum section for "Illegal suggestions", doesn't make any sense and it isn't needed too for the fact a forum section for public suggestions already exists.
  4. Honestly just remove likes as a whole, the reputation system is ridiculous.
  5. Thanks for your efforts and good luck to whoever is taking the lead after you. Idk why everyone is stressing it, doesn't sound like a big deal to be honest, at least for me.
  6. Charmz

    [Guide] Extortion

    You could have made a better guide if you looked at the whole thing from a neutral view, but you chose to make it one-sided and so biased as it looks and that's not how it works.
  7. I completely support this, in addition to that I can tell that headshots with some certain guns can mean instant death regardless of damage on whether it's 1 or 100, a clear example of that is getting headshotted with an AR(Such as AK for example) or a Shotgun.
  8. User: Thiccbitches Comment: HOLY SHIT! everyone talkin about the thickness of el burro bitches! living there must be HEAVEN! MOVING UP THERE RIGHT NOW!
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