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  1. Should be good now, I've tried it two days ago.
  2. Sold to @Mahitto Can be locked.
  3. I am selling my beautiful house in Rancho. Great for a family, comes with separated garage as well. House has been renovated to perfection by a professional renovator. Pictures can be seen below. All pictures can be seen here. Seller reserves the right to deny buy out offers at their discretion. Until the sale is confirmed, all offers will be considered. This is not an auction. Starting Bid: $250,000Buyout: $600,000 (( OOC stats: This house is in my possession since July 2021. I had to give it to script-wise a month ago to a Developer @Strobe to perform a test. Everett was there as well. Just clarifying to avoid any unnecessary comments on this thread about the 6 months mp-price rule. ))
  4. No, we've never implemented it. There was a discussion about it but that's what it came down to. I've brought this up w/ @Strobe, he can probably enlighten us on how he's planning to tackle this issue.
  5. Ability to change your profile picture would be great too.
  6. @Goonbag In my reply, I'd mainly like to address the author with my response. The topic presented is quite controversial, and it goes far beyond the issue of "being chill" and that "it's a game" or similar mindsets. In a sense, this is indeed a game; a game has rules and those rules need to be followed in order to maintain a healthy environment. Imposing rules, whether in the real world or digitally, will always polarize a community into those who break, and those who denounce the breakers. Is it right for us to antagonize those who report the rule breakers? Not at all, for they are the ones who help enforce our rigorous standards as a community. If those slip, where lies the foundation of this community?
  7. Good shit everyone. Keep the heat up.
  8. This thread is a place to broadcast roleplay within TTCF, and especially, the 1000 Block (131-232 pods), we invite everyone who has something to add to get involved so that this can showcase the experience that we are ever developing. All community members may have the chance to interact with this thread and post their content.
  9. Username: JBn89 Comment: I am outraged. All these lies and slander against the Twin Towers Correctional Facility do not exist and have never existed! Nowadays, people talk nonsense for the attention.
  10. Stephen


    Offering buyout. please, contact me on discord Stephen#8465
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