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  1. Updated at 18/06: We're hiring! 🙂
  2. Updated @ 18/06 Next season information
  3. Updated @ 21/05. Launching the new academy section
  4. Updated @ 30/04 - Needing crew for today.
  5. Auction closed and sold for 235K
  6. Noted, thanks. Extending until tomorrow at 18:00 servertime since a private message 250k offer is not responding. Seting a new buyout price: 280.000$
  7. HUB OPERATOR - JOB DESCRIPTION FUNCTIONS Manufacturing parts for the racing cars. Maintenance of the hub installations. SALARY 4.000 paycheck per hour of work at the factory. The employee will receive all training needed to be able to properly perform his/her job. High performance will be rewarded with promotion opportunities and bonuses. ((OOC: We require enough activity to be able to perform the job and being available for the racing venues that will happen Saturdays afternoons.))
  8. Auction closing at 22-APR 20:00 ((servertime))
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