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  1. The melee damage for steroids is the equivalent of a hammer in game, shit is the most unrealistic thing on the server. The more muscle mass the less speed someone can throw a punch at, In reality steroids help with wrestling exchanges, and powering through clinches. When it comes to throwing punches the more muscle tends to require more oxygen meaning they will tire out more not having the cardio to keep up, the drug that people use to cheat in MMA or boxing etc would be called EPO which increases your red blood cells raising your hemoglobin levels increasing your cardio. Use Bob Sapp as a example of steroids in MMA and how ineffective they can be on their own https://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Bob-Sapp-4416 Other than that +1 this makes 100% sense.
  2. 2 Mil, if other bids fall out.
  3. Moonlight

    Steroid Nerf

    +1 probably the most unrealistic thing in the server.
  4. I'd like to inquire about purchasing the Dinka Jester @Bixo
  5. These clips were taken on the 26 of september 2021.. With the updated script changes done to the test server. If you look at the video I marked "handling:" you'll see it's the new handling to the vehicle as well, which was done on the same day as the other clips.
  6. Sorry but this is just factually untrue, the top speed goes up to 192 depending on the road, maybe on a flat highway it does that speed, while other vehicles on a flat highway only do 110mph+. If you take in account where the interceptor patrols it's the city, the city has bumps in the road usually on every corner aside from highways. One bump boosts the speed so much in the interceptor where it turns it into a rocket ship reaching 160 within seconds, and a top speed of over 180+ mph. To put it in perceptive, a Comet Retro no matter what you do can't reach those speeds that quickly.
  7. So.. I guess what I need to say is that the Interceptor even after being nerfed is still the fastest car on the server, you say the handling is bad yet we tested the car on the test server and it competes with the cornering of a Elegy, and also drives faster than a Pariah in a straight line (After the nerf). When people test the handling of the vehicle they test them on a flat road, yet the Interceptor can go up to 192mph with bumps boosts which are everywhere around the city where the majority of them patrol. Top speed/Interceptor vs Pariah drag race. https://streamable.com/nrhglx https://i.gyazo.com/750170e5de4dbe1421d97a08c16ca6e5.mp4 Handling: https://i.gyazo.com/9660077249e86b02d822e932914f8fbd.mp4 I don't think the issue is with the cars being nerfed, but the lack of driving skill training done for the factions that use these vehicles. (the clips shown are after the interceptor nerf)
  8. Multiple issues with this, falling through the map upon loading into interiors, and types of bugs that cause the character to fall through the map, vehicle sync, etc.
  9. No clue why they removed it in the first place +1
  10. 320K Buyout INTERIOR/GARAGE PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/6FQxW0O
  11. Looking to trade this place for another house, send me offers down below. House comes with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room, laundry room, and a garage up to 3 cars parking space, and a gated driveway to protect your vehicles etc. https://imgur.com/a/stAlVW6
  12. Full buyout if the other deal falls, paying the maximum amount
  13. Show details below please if you have one for sale.
  14. * Name: Shinji Nakazato * Phone: number: 53502054 * Email: [email protected] (( Forum pm's) Comment: Willing to purchase the house with the full buyout, feel free to send a message to my email so we can set up a viewing.
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