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  1. I'll give you 120 as starting.
  2. I'll give you 40 for it
  3. May I check out the place in person? 2368 - Bowie ((Tenni#7999))
  4. Which comet, I can trade you a Comet Retro Widebody for it if you pay 40k on top.
  5. Didnt mean to post on this auction
  6. I'll take it for 115, hit me up with your number.
  7. Selling this wonderful and a beautiful apartment. Great location in the middle of the city, It has a really nicely furnished interior. Looking to get around 150k$ or the highest offer. Pictures: Pictures of the interior. PH: 73-93-175
  8. Bowow

    [SOLD] Savestra

    Vehicle has been sold
  9. Interested in a trade for Savestra and I also add a little bit of money ontop?
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