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  1. Auction winner has received and was delivered his won machinery! ((This can now be L&A))
  2. Auction can be now concluded as of a buy-out that occured. Please contact me via [email protected] ((forum PM)) for further discussion. (( Will be left On-Hold until the transaction is done/if. ))
  3. Another banger, another vehicle. This 1988's Sentinel Classic is powered by a replacement 3.0-liter S50 inline-six paired with a five-speed manual transmission and is finished in Diamond Black Metallic over black leather. Modifications include a DynoMax exhaust system, Bilstein shocks an upgraded radiator, 18'' BBS wheels, a Blaupunkt CD stereo, a strut tower brace, and drilled metal pedals. Retained factory equipment includes a limited-slip differential, a sunroof, a rear wing, fog lights, front sport seats, air conditioning, cruise control and an onboard computer. Starting-bid: $0 Bid-step: $5.000 Buy-out: $90.000 [ Auction will end in 24 hours and will be sold to the highest bidder ] Happy bidding! Paperwork: ((/vstats))
  4. Hey, Title says it all, please contact me via: [email protected] (( Forum PM )) with further details.
  5. Auction has ended! Congratulations, feel free to contact me via [email protected] ((forum PM)) for further instructions.
  6. Hey, Selling Ubermacht's one of the popular models within the scene! In a splendid condition, has Ubermacht's Performance Package installed - Insured & Registered! Rules are simple: Starting bid: $0 Bid-step: $10.000 Buyout: $105.000 Auction will end in 24 hours and will be sold to the highest bidder at that time! ((/vstats))
  7. Right at it fella, you can buy yourself a nice bike with that amount.
  8. Price is lowered to: $230.000!
  9. Hey, Due to new interests and in a need of some extra money I'm selling my cutie. Has performance package installed along with some security that has been set-up. Overally in a great condition just had a new coat of fresh paint along with new pairs of rims - Along with freshly equipped plate that has been legally accepted and furbished. Insured & Registered! Preferably looking to get: $230.000 , but the price is negotiable. or send me offers/trades via e-mail: [email protected] ((forum PM)) ((/vstats)) VEHICLE HAS BEEN SOLD!
  10. Vehicle has been sold! ((Can be L&A))
  11. Yow! Straight to the point. Great condition, insured & registered - engine has been swapped along with some minor changes to the body. Open to offers, feel free to either comment down below or via e-mail: [email protected] ((forum PM)) ((/vstats))
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    These hard af! Good stuff
  13. Vehicle has been bought! (( This can be L&A ))
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