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  1. Bidding starting at $200,000, two bedrooms, a bathroom, an office and kitchen. Located in West Vinewood, North Acher Avenue. ((MP: 115000 )) (( FW: 58756 )) Interior: Exterior:
  2. At the start of the night when Xiomara, Sophia and Lindsey were in K-Town they had a negative interaction with Yena Hwangbo where Xiomara was called a whore two times, after this Xiomara flashed a Glock 17 before pulling off with the duo, to the graveyard: After coming back from the graveyard, the trio ran into Yena Hwangbo again, where the trio hopped out on her; Lindsey and Sophia attempting to jump her before Yena running away, where Xiomara engaged. The trio jumped Yena until she pulled a hammer and whacked Sophia on the head with it: After dropping Sophia off, the duo were on their way back to Koreatown to speak with another Mara member until they got pulled over:
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