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  1. Mirror Park House A nice small mirror park house. Kitchen & Dining area Living room Child bedroom Parents bedroom Bathroom https://imgur.com/a/vjg4tzP
  2. Mirror Park House Furniture Worth: $150,000. Total Hours of work: 13. https://imgur.com/a/vjg4tzP
  3. Vespucci House A beautiful 2 story house in Vespucci canals on the river side. Kitchen & Dining area Living room & Pool table Open office space Custom glass staircase 2 master bedrooms with bathrooms & exits to balconies https://imgur.com/a/ixYv1qW LSNN HQ Floor 1 Offices for the city number one news company, Live radio room
  4. LSNN HQ Floor 1 Furniture Worth: $400,000. Total Hours of work: 33. https://imgur.com/a/rwHrw2P
  5. Vespucci House Furniture Worth: $300,000. Total Hours of work: 20. https://imgur.com/a/ixYv1qW
  6. Paleto Beach House A personal project of mine, a 2 story house located at Paleto town on the beach line. https://imgur.com/a/F3fqRmN
  7. Paleto Beach House Furniture Worth: $250,000. Total Hours of work: 23. https://imgur.com/a/F3fqRmN
  8. Rarely available standalone house in the middle of Los Santos. Parking for two cars with a balcony and back yard. Market Price: $105,000 Furniture Price: $262,536 Total: $367,536 Price: $577,000 Trading for standalone houses only. Leave your information below if you are interested in purchasing/trading. Name: Phone: Please click below for images
  9. Airsoft Mania Objects Count: 466. Furniture Worth: $100,000. Total Hours of work: 3. https://imgur.com/a/s2i7Sts
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