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  1. absolutely CRAZY tings bruv
  2. women characters aren't good, therefore cannot be in the running for favorite player. sorry i dont make the rules.
  3. Username: deathtothegovernment Comment: Why is an official company saying 'sorry for the rant' at the end of a politically-charged piece? Makes them sound weak. Will not be supporting them!
  4. Highly disagree with this. We are very much embedded with legal factions and a lot of bills that are developed are derived from conversations with them, as well as concerns from citizens. People love to dog on the factions purely because they don't see our names popping up in clubs and bars, which is where 75% of the server spends their time. It's very niche, sure, but not inactive by any stretch of the imagination. Most bills that are developed are created for a specific purpose and I think it's quite unfair to over-generalize that just because one certain bill doesn't pertain to your specific character doesn't mean it's useless. One thing I found very fun roleplay was when my character introduced a bill to ban dirt bikes and quads from the roads, which many people publicly voiced their opinion against that. Just like real life, not every bill is going to pertain to everyone. The part about LFM is understandable but it's not as micromanage-y as people love to make it out to be (opinions without experience is my favorite). The only real hump that we run into is when we are waiting for the "Governor" (LFM) to sign off on a bill, which can take a bit of time sometimes. However, it usually doesn't. They only tend to step in if there is something that Nervous doesn't want implemented. Otherwise, it's usually a rare case. I would go so far as to offer them props as well, LFM has been good with allowing things to run their course. When the Senate started, it was a different story. However, as it has switched hands a few times, people have allowed us to do our own thing and we all appreciate that.
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  6. SAGOV only has a handful of people who are interested anymore. Spreading the government RP thinner than it already is would obliterate it completely.
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