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  2. A brief overview: The unfunniest people on https://forum.gta.world/
  3. They are noobs and should be subject to punishment. However, because people perform under the established standard doesn't mean that we should be giving others a free reign to do whatever they want or violate fairness principles to players that actually do put in the work to roleplay adequately.
  4. Cool. Provide me proof and like the promise I made in the earlier post, I will eat my hat. I am not kidding when I say this. I will document myself, bit by bit, eating a ball cap that is in my possession of your choice. I have never ever seen any of these things you make claims to, and I wish for you to enlighten and/or prove me wrong. Bar a few individuals in places like Blaine County Aviation and some factions, I have only seen helicopters treated as an extension of a patrol cars.
  5. My in-character toilet does not have the capability to dispatch 4 characters that have spent 4 weeks developing a hit on another character/member of a faction only to get shit on (ironically) by Big Brother in the sky that is exempt from the roleplay/development/continuity because ? So no, I do not roleplay cleaning the shitter with the bog brush. That'd be ridiculous!
  6. I'm going to finish my stint in this topic with this closing remark: You do not understand what I am talking about. I am not talking about "realism" as a broad concept applied to every faucet of the game. If we were realistic, we'd be cutting down a lot of the things that make this game fun for the people involved on either side. However, I am talking about applying realism/game logic to segments of the game that are a fairness concern to other players that do not get a helicopter in the game for free. Simply put, LE roleplayers should be held to the same standard as other players. Even more so, in some cases, as they get a lot of benefits and circumvent a lot of stuff that ordinary players (legal or illegal) have to put up with. Fairness to other players is my only argument here, and I do not believe it is very fair to have an airship up in the air at all times being able to dunk on the people on the ground without some very serious research on what goes into keeping these helicopters operational, the crews functional, and dedicated roleplay to the characters involved (dedicated pilots) and the airframe that is being used, as well as the roleplay surrounding it.
  7. You and I both know that this is a lie. I will eat my hat if you post roleplay screenshots that prove continuity of the helicopters being serviced every X amount of time and not being a one off thing. Actual, in depth roleplay at a place that can facilitate such work being done to a helicopter since I can't see serious work being done to an asset at a stand alone helipad which is where I see a lot of the deployments taking place from (bar a few exceptions). No.
  8. You have a magical all-seeing aircraft. This is the "I win" button for 99% of pursuits. Of course you should have a TFO and not be given free reign to do whatever you wish. The game logic on realism I am applying is to the fairness aspect, which you provide 0 of if you are an unlockable achievement for the ground units like it is a game of Call of Duty.
  9. No, it is not "dangerous." Who maintains the helicopter? Do you hire civilian staff to work on it? Do you have a copilot/TFO? Is the helicopter stored somewhere, or is it magically spawned at a helipad with no infrastructure to maintain and operate it? Do you have a dedicated pilot character, that is of a realistic age/appearance/education or is this your "cop" character that is also trained in pursuit, investigative and tactical methods? I would have no quarrels with aerial units being given impunity if people roleplayed actual pilots and flight staff, if there was cool roleplay behind it. Yet, from what I have seen, "rolling deployments" are the majority of callouts. No events, no involvement of factors outside of the inner circle of the faction with access to the vulture drones (bar exceptions to a few factions that have been attempting that). Nothing. Just an eye in the sky that reports everything to all on-duty police staff. Yet, everyone else on this server is expected to showcase a specific style of roleplay, that is in-depth and persistent to the capacities their character/organization/faction is claiming to realistically have. You are not here to police the server for criminality so it is not in your interest to catch every (in character) wrongdoer. You are a player (roleplayer, if you would), just like everyone else. And I do not think that the current portrayal was adequate enough, and I think the community/staff realized that and moved to corrugate inadequate behavior.
  10. It is a video game, not real life. Stop bringing up real life capabilities and aerial components when you don't put in any effort portraying a pilot or managing a rotary wing aircraft. You get in, do a single line of roleplay, a pretyped ATC message and fly off. This contributes nothing and there is no cool portrayal. I won't even touch upon how ridiculous it is to operate the ball camera and fly at the same time. If pilots are not putting in the same effort/portrayal with which real life helicopters are regarded, you cannot make the case that you need real life capabilities to persecute virtual (in character, pretend) criminals. This is a video game and fun needs to be had on both sides. Yes, people will drive around masked up and with gloves while commuting to their intended spot for nefarious acts. So what? Are they destined to get executed by police operatives and thereby lose IC assets and a story-continuity they have been developing?
  11. Username: K2R3U Comment: AAMERICAN culture is centered around GOVERNMENT AGITATORS. They have holidays for GOVERNMENT AGITATORS. They killed hundreds of thousands of hard working blue CLASS men andw omen to put in power goverment OPERATIVES and PREFERRED INDIVIDUALS. TThey draw the ENTIREty of MDOERN CULTURE so it revolvers around EPITOMES OF CONSUMERISM and FAKE MORALITY TO APPEASE THE MENTAL IMAGE OF GOVERNMENT NEEDS AND GANGS TALKERS. EVERYTHING rolvers around them THE WHITE HOUSE THE HOUSES OF WHITE AND buildings OF POWER Institutions of CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION AND HIEARCHY. When you say "Martin Luther" they're not thinking of the father of protestantism. THEY ARE THINKING OF WAYS TO DIVERT and seegwaygy your SOUL into THE DARKEST OF PITS that eve NICHE DESCRIBED (HE TOO FAILED). They worship their police force disproportionately filled with simpleminded IMBECILES and future stock of GANGSTALKERS and their global police force of soldiers filled with SIMILAR SCUM led and controlled by men such as JOSEPH CLINE (5 STARS REPRESENT THE 5 rites of ARkalian-Mesopotamian PASSAGE into BA'ALIST BLOOD CULTS). LOOK AT THE TRIANGLES ON THE SHERIFF STAR? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I WONDER... MAYBE THE FBI COULD TELL US... IN SUMMARY the ONLY sensible and REASONABLE thing to do is to unleash a hail of 9MM FIRE UPON EVERY and ANY member of the SHERIFF DEPARTMENT regardless of age race creed religion age race or creed THEY NEED To pay FOR WHAT THEY DO DAILY in NUMEROUS communities across the county ogf LOS SANTOS I try i TRY TO explain butnobody listens
  12. Username: K2R3U Comment: YOU TALK about The UDNERGROUND racing culture bUTHT THW REAL RACE is the RACIAL THEORY being PLAYED OUT IN the greater LOS SANTSOGS area where gOVERNMENT operatives are EXPERIMENTIGN iwth YOU and ME and our livelihood and whether or not we will RACE to THE IFNISH LINE of GLORY togehter nin the shade of sun I PERSONALLY WENT to CRIMEA to look at the pyramids (same one we have iNLos Santos and VLADIMIR PUTIN todl me... YOU CAN HSAVE RUSISA... GIVE ME THE CROWN (CROWN UNDERNEATH THE PYRAMDI) BUT I REFUSED TO because i am ALL AMERICAN (APPLE PIE< MAJOR LEAGUE BASSEBALL) YOU WILL not hcange this Los Santos News Network (Led by Luciferian Ba'al Worsahipeprs) you may talk of RACING on the STREETS but we really know WHAT this race you are pOISTNG baout truly is. this article is DEVISIVE and MANIPULATIVE so that your average viewere forgoes the understanding of apostolic virtues present by the LOS SANTOS PYRAMID amdn similar archaic kholerian practices (ALSO LOOK UP CRIMEA PYRAMID) (ONLY PYRAMID IN NORTH AMERICA THAT EMITS AT 6MHZ!) we must STOP the RACE OF DIVISION and RACE TOWARDS UNITY for if we all RESONATE RESONATE RESONATE
  13. Username: ❗CLICKING NOW OFFER LIMITED❗ Comment: YOUR OFFER IS WAITING 💰✅ Congratulations !! You have been selected 💰✅ You have been selected to win an exclusive $9,000 offer 🙈😲💵 Click HERE to claim your prize!!!! 💰✅ (( If you roleplay clicking this link, you see a page that simply says 404 Not Found and your device downloads a virus. In a few days time, your device is locked with an image claiming that the FBI has seized your device due to you viewing illicit illegal materials on the internet and you must purchase $5,000 in Apple Giftcards to rectify the situation. You must electronically provide $5,000 to Harvey Caruso in order to save your device. ))
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