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  1. Middle aged Eastern Europeans who AFK in clubs until someone needs to get kicked out, and then they're all suddenly spamming chat outside the front door over a 15 year old until a gun is drawn.
  2. Absolutely agree. There are plenty of improvements to be made, guides would be helpful and so would centralizing a lot more of the information. I’ve got some things to work on now. 🙂 I also had no idea about quite a few things until I stumbled upon the information or dug around to find it. It’ll only help facilitate more RP between GOV, etc, and players if we make the information more accessible, so I certainly agree.
  3. There are other ways to ICly move the process along with getting funding and other assistance for community projects, such as reaching out to the Department of Health and Human Services in LSGOV. Not everything has to immediately be brought to LFM. That’s why these departments exist, especially for acting as a liaison between the community, governments and LFM. I’m not saying bypass LFM by any means, but that there are other ways to ICly go about getting things done in communities.
  4. Here's to 100 more 🤑
  5. Miss Heard found her grace!!!
  6. Chicken-running around for 30 mins wasn’t enjoyable in the slightest, but neither is awkwardly standing there in combat stance waiting for a magical timer to run out until you may or may not land another punch.
  7. live by the family, die by the family @LowcKey❤️
  8. It’s so nice to not crash several times in a row like I have been daily on 0.3.7 😣🙏🏼
  9. Anything you can do, I can do better... 最好的
  10. Reginald moving up in the world 😭
  11. 🥺 can we come visit the doggos
  12. I think a reason why healthcare is free at the moment is because it’s already hassle enough to get people to want to engage in medical RP. It’s quite unfortunate that it is so niche, considering crime and incidents that inflict bodily harm are so prevalent. But that’s an endless pit of wondering why people can’t get better at RP’ing consequences, including injuries. Charging for healthcare would not only be more realistic, but it would provide government with more RP. Programs could be created for low-income people much like they are irl to help them afford medical bills, a
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