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  1. stunning. sickening. amazing.
  2. pls stop shattering the majority of the playerbase's fantasies. this is secondlife.
  3. do u know how much effort it took to migrate to the US from ingerland at 19 for exactly zero reason other than to /anim ravedance at a club for 2 hours a day? get off me
  4. Trigger warning: this set of screens portrays sensitive topics such as domestic violence and abuse.
  5. While it certainly has the potential to be abused, the Concerned Citizen calls actually provide balance in my opinion. Not so much about the fact that robbers may be taking too long or making too much noise, but in regards to the fact that a lot of the time, someone would be home. Robberies that take place at 5 am server time are great because less people are online and there's less of a chance to be caught. However as someone mentioned before, most people aren't RP'ing in their homes as much as they'd realistically be inside of them, whether they're out RP'ing or just not in game. The chance that any robbery would be successful due to nobody being inside the residence, especially in the middle of the night, is exponentially higher on the server than in real life. Breakin requests taking forever to get approved is one thing, but the owner of the property not being inside because they're offline or RP'ing elsewhere is almost a guarantee. Especially if there's no property alarm, it's quite literally a guaranteed win, unless of course there's nothing found inside the property. Concerned Citizen calls help to combat this. It'd make sense for there to sometimes be a /do put out that someone walks by before the call is made, etc. If the MG of the "Concerned Citizen" name is a big enough issue, the caller name being changed wouldn't be a bad thing. I think the system works fine now, though.
  6. Middle aged Eastern Europeans who AFK in clubs until someone needs to get kicked out, and then they're all suddenly spamming chat outside the front door over a 15 year old until a gun is drawn.
  7. Absolutely agree. There are plenty of improvements to be made, guides would be helpful and so would centralizing a lot more of the information. I’ve got some things to work on now. 🙂 I also had no idea about quite a few things until I stumbled upon the information or dug around to find it. It’ll only help facilitate more RP between GOV, etc, and players if we make the information more accessible, so I certainly agree.
  8. There are other ways to ICly move the process along with getting funding and other assistance for community projects, such as reaching out to the Department of Health and Human Services in LSGOV. Not everything has to immediately be brought to LFM. That’s why these departments exist, especially for acting as a liaison between the community, governments and LFM. I’m not saying bypass LFM by any means, but that there are other ways to ICly go about getting things done in communities.
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