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  1. Good Suggestion, we need more variety of objects for mapping, especially holiday items. +1 this.
  2. +1 Definately would be a good addition and add to RP when at home or in a bar.
  3. Yeah thats not realistic at all.
  4. This is my version i made today in PS. 🙂
  5. Definately think this would be cool, it would bring more RP to the server and would help to boost the aviation part of the server, meaning things like LAFD's LifeFlight and LAPD's Air One would have someone to talk to and confirm their flight details with to be logged instead of just talking over /atc to no-one. Really hope this goes ahead, will definatly bring some new jobs and help improve aviation RP for the better.
  6. Reply Removed. didnt notice date on Original post.
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