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  1. Idk man. I love going clubbing / raving irl and I'm not a drinker / drug taker. I love dancing though, and just having fun overall with the people I meet at the club / my friends. To add onto this, my char is a 42 year old, which is a crime ring leader, he knows the effects of drugs and is actually afraid of them, despite being in contact with them almost every day. He doesn't drink due to childhood traumas. I feel like "just drink n take drugs bro" is way more complex than just that.
  2. This is bigger than most people fail to realize. Good luck boys.
  3. @tomatoz @Woona @effion ur cool but at the same time i must keep my edgy persona so, fuck all of you - alex
  4. I'd love to see something like this take place. Some serious crime journalism. My character wouldn't be afraid to give an interview.
  5. "and I'll make a faction based on an interesting idea." "Based on that, give some great suggestions!" Read the whole thread and not just the title. edit : anyways gonna cut it here, not trying to go off-topic again
  6. BTW, being in LA doesn't mean everything's gotta be a gang or mafia. There's plenty of undocumented "groups" in LA that could work as factions. EDIT : Not saying that you said that at all. But it's a thought that some people have.
  7. This, please. I asked for creative stuff. I'm not gonna make the 512814818th gang on the server.
  8. I've been doing illegal RP ever since 2014-2015. Creating my own factions of all sorts, gangs, mafias, domestic terrorists, and many more. I've just found it to be more appealing, due to the connection you establish both icly and oocly with your members. Illegal rp is a wonderful world most of the times. I do plan on opening a legal faction in the future with some illegal elements within it.
  9. You have to account for population density. There's basically 5 gang members per 10 civilians currently, and with our current player base it shouldn't be like that.
  10. Is the budget actually respected or is it just there for rp purposes?
  11. Tax money well spent if you ask me, they could've been hiding millions of dollars of the dangerous drug "maranganjinguana" in those bikes for all we know. On topic : I don't think there's a set budget.
  12. Ah yes here we have an illegal roleplayer in its natural habitat, asking for pd updates that affect us, amen brother I'm with u, also jail updates pls thank
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