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  1. Cool giveaway, but doesn't this cost like 1 dollar?
  2. Username: Southlosdeputy Comment: Should've stayed guarding malls. Sad! Don't use the term officer, use "Guard" or "Mallcop".
  3. Deputy Torres sends his regards, keep up the amazing roleplay ❤️
  4. God will wipe away every tear from their eyes,
    and death shall be no more,
    neither shall there be mourning, nor crying,
    nor pain anymore,
    for the former things have passed away. – Revelation 21:4

  5. Please Shay don't ever leave the station alone again, we need you alive
  6. Hard to regulate, hard to properly interpret, would be unrealistic, would be used by characters that have no business on the dark web, would be cringy due to how people irl see the "dark web", and i repeat, highly unrealistic. For leaks or anything like that, you can roleplay using public wifi / computers to upload your shit. It'd be a cool character concept. If the "dark web" as people depict it irl gets added, though? It'd legit be the damnation of illegal rp on this server and it'd bring our roleplay standards back to the gomd days where you could do /ad raid and /ad selling mp5.
  7. (Pardon the quality, still learning my ropes around proper screenshot taking, and I also didn't take artistic photos of the scene mentioned to be able to edit them for later, so it's all from replays.)
  8. Sergio Torres is currently a deputy within the Los Santos Sheriff's Department, he's still in his training phase. This thread will document Torres' stay within the department.
  9. Don't even understand what's the appeal behind being an immigrant all your char's life. My char was born in Mexico but immigrated at a young age, did military service, went through enough hell to get himself citizenship and joined the LSSD, not being a citizen in the US is pretty much a death sentence, no idea what the appeal behind it is, every immigrant that travels to the states for permanent stay know their one objective is to get citizenship, not for these players though apparently 🤷‍♂️
  10. That sounds amazing, was it ever finished? Where can I watch it?
  11. In this case he dipped on me, getting into a chase where he proceeded to shoot at me going 125 mph+, then logged off. It's clear that people who drive like this on the usual don't really know roleplaying basics. Resulted in a report.
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