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  1. To comment on above, I agree with Zach from PD's prespective. It would be way more beneficial to all the players involved if what would happen is when one of the suspects breaks the rules, the situation continues rolling out and once the situation ends (suspect dead or jailed) then the admin can admin jail them for them wrongdoing. Honestly it is demotivating and quite "lame" when people log in for pagers because of a barricaded suspect only for it to end up being voided.
  2. Love to see this get official, congratulations boys, take it far 🤗
  3. Amazing person, she's a queen

  4. @Amellis Helped me out and by changing my game into fullscreen this fixed the issue, guess I don't have a choice no matter how much I hate playing fullscreen. This can be L&A.
  5. Right so I know this sounds really confusing, I tried looking it up but couldn't find nowhere. I'll post a streamable down below if it even... shows/explains everything but basically when I try to turn/look right with my POV/view or whatever you call it it basically just locks and doesn't turn my screen to the right. When I pull my mouse to the left it works perfectly and I can look around my character freely to the left side but whenever I turn to the right it almost instantly glithces out and locks and I literally cannot turn to the right. Things I already did/tried to fix this: - Restarted GTA - Restarted Epic Games - Restarted my PC - I've closed all programs, opened them again - I've alt tabbed out and back in and this fixes the bug for... 5-7 seconds and I can turn to the right side for up to 2-3 seconds and then it bugs out again - I've tried basically everything ingame possible, in a vehicle or on foot, entered property and back out This is not new to me and this happens RANDOMLY and It's really, really stressing me out. Does someone have a fix for this? I'd appreciate it a lot ❤️ Here's the streamable if it helps anyone...: https://streamable.com/yafhvp Edit: I do not have any mods, I play completely vanilla GTAV and most of the days it works normally but then some days this glitch/bug happens randomly.
  6. Mostly because each player gets 200k from starting paycheck. And it's really easy to make money if you know what you're doing and have some sort of capital (like 200k) to start with.
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