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  1. The people of this community have once again proven themselves incapable of participating in a civilized discussion.
  2. It's not realistic for air units to deploy with just the pilot himself. Period. Why does that happen here? Because it's a game, there's no patrol schedule, you cannot force another person to come with you especially if they are busy irl. If a guy took 4 minutes and 55 seconds to fill up his helicopter, is he going to be punished? Why can't we integrate this into a script? Like it takes 3 minutes for the helicopter to start after pressing Y. It takes 5 minutes to fill up the helicopter after typing /refuel. It should be something that's forced, not regulated by admins to increase their workload or for other players to report when they feel like something's off.
  3. The only person knows what they are talking about here rather than going back and forth on whether cops are intentionally getting into shootouts or not.
  4. Myself and a lot of others have been encountering a lot of freezes and game drops ever since they added the map mod that adds thousands of useless props around the map. Yeah it uses vanilla props and in theory it shouldn't affect performance, but in practice it does.
  5. Ah yes, back to the usual legal vs illegal argument.
  6. If I remember correctly, we've been asking for this since smart tp's first got introduced. Why is this not a thing already?
  7. Player need to get used to taking L's. It's a roleplay server, you shouldn't be winning every situation like it's GTAOL.
  8. Yes, but they should be more expensive so people don't just wait until player owned garages are closed to skip the roleplay time.
  9. Nero: This Torrence: I get that most cars nowadays in real life have really nice looking interiors but in GTA 5 most cars have the basic black cheap looking interiors. On the other hand, this new Torrence here has the exact same interior as the Nero, which is the GTA 5 version of the Bugatti Chiron. See the image above. There's literally no difference apart from the Torrence badge and the steering wheel, it doesn't fit in the GTA 5 universe.
  10. I mean... It's the same model but with a bunch of excessive racing parts and liveries which are unnecessary. And it has the older rear end. The interior is also way too fancy for a 55k sedan. Not a fan.
  11. Absolutely not true. Rental cars show up as blanks just like an unregistered car.
  12. That's it guys, from now on all police officers must only patrol buck naked on bicycles.
  13. If we are gonna talk about immersion, cars popping out of nowhere hurts the immersion a lot more than some awkwardly placed trees. How about give us 350 meters streaming range again? Immersion is important so does stability. The map mod is just something nice to have. If there are people who have been negatively affected by the mod, it should be removed. With that being said, we can keep the props that block people from driving on sidewalks in the city.
  14. Are you serious? What's next? In the server application do they have to list their system specifications, and if they don't have at least an RTX 3060 and 32GB of RAM, they don't get accepted because their computer can't run this server well? This is a roleplay community, not "I'm better than you because my computer can handle these mods with ease." There are people getting 20fps at 800x600 resolution and still have to install low-end graphics mod but provides great roleplay to the community. The fact of the matter is, many people are suffering this unnecessary addition to this server that contributes NOTHING to our roleplay. My game runs fine but I know a lot of people who are getting significant impacts. Like you said, it's selfish to keep those mods.
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