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  1. Anything in the chat that requires me to scroll up is completely unreadable unless I open my chat log parser. Yes.
  2. The people of this community have once again proven themselves incapable of participating in a civilized discussion.
  3. It's not realistic for air units to deploy with just the pilot himself. Period. Why does that happen here? Because it's a game, there's no patrol schedule, you cannot force another person to come with you especially if they are busy irl. If a guy took 4 minutes and 55 seconds to fill up his helicopter, is he going to be punished? Why can't we integrate this into a script? Like it takes 3 minutes for the helicopter to start after pressing Y. It takes 5 minutes to fill up the helicopter after typing /refuel. It should be something that's forced, not regulated by admins to increase their workload or for other players to report when they feel like something's off.
  4. Because they are illegal components distributed by the Illegal Faction Management and their faction suppliers. Could you read?
  5. ??? It's always been available for civilians.
  6. The addition was an extremely selfish decision because those who yelled "Keep it!" only because it looks good (it doesn't), while there are so many people who can't enjoy the game anymore due to the issues that came with the added props.
  7. Good effort for the mod but Fort Zancudo is still actively being used by legal factions.
  8. The only person knows what they are talking about here rather than going back and forth on whether cops are intentionally getting into shootouts or not.
  9. Myself and a lot of others have been encountering a lot of freezes and game drops ever since they added the map mod that adds thousands of useless props around the map. Yeah it uses vanilla props and in theory it shouldn't affect performance, but in practice it does.
  10. Keep it client-side. Those who like it can install it easily, nothing's stopping you from using it. Those who don't can enjoy the vanilla game without it. Forcing it like the map mod is just gonna make things worse.
  11. But why? Making it client side will allow those who like it to keep it and those who don't like it to install their own preferred version of the map. Why would you force it on every single player for no reason?
  12. The new map mod should be available for everyone like other client side mods with a drag and drop folder. https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/22200-baboons-workshop-graphics-sounds-skins-more/. Forcing it on every single player by making it server side is not the way to do it. Please allow us to use the cleaner atlas mod.
  13. There's another much better version without the ugly modifications made by Baboon himself: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/22200-baboons-workshop-graphics-sounds-skins-more/. Literally drag and drop.
  14. Yeah remove it. None of the modifications look right especially the huge state parks borders and text that no one asked for. We shouldn't be forced to use it.
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