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  1. We never met IC nor OOC, but rest in peace 🕊

  2. nivson


    Sorry, sold.
  3. nivson


    As 24 hours already passed since your bid, please contact me. ((wojtek#0696 or forum PM's))
  4. nivson


    BO: $110.000 SOLD
  5. I'm looking to buy any car (preferably a Dukes Beater or Hermes) in rusty style. HMU with your offers.
  6. I'm looking to long-term rent or buy a place (preferably a trailer or a small house) in Blaine County/Paleto Bay/Sandy Shores/Grapeseed area.
  7. Preferably around Laguna Place. HMU with everything you've got.
  8. Sold, good to L&A
  9. Selling a well kept 2018 Dinka Sugoi. The vehicle got the whole R-type package - performance and visual. It also comes with some aftermarket anti-theft devices installed. Post offers below (however lowball offers will not be considered) or use my e-mail ((wojtek#0696)). ((photo + /vstats))
  10. I've got one with full-performance package (both mechanical and visual) and some aftermarket anti theft stuff. My number's 26681750, text me if you're interested ((forum dm's or my discord wojtek#0696))
  11. ((This thread is meant to showcase our approach on portrayal of junkies around East Vinewood.))
  12. I'm looking to buy an Oracle (either the new one or the XS version) or just any other kind of sedan (not Obey Tailgater) in $90.000-100.000 price range. Contact me via my e-mail ((forum DM or wojtek#0696))
  13. committing a crime in broad daylight shouldn't be punished OOCly, it should only bring in more IC consequences, as statistically there are more people on the streets during the day
  14. Hey, I'm looking to rent a cheap place in either Vespucci or Playa Del Perro. Post offers there or SMS 39245378 Ad no longer available.
  15. I highly recommend their services - these are guys who you can rely on, for sure.
  16. Nie kurwa, skąd ten pomysł?
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