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  1. Don't support this. I battle and count with /timestamp daily, it's just how it is. Anything with a queue defeats the purpose of instant ads. Fastest fingers first is how it is.
  2. Absolutely fantastic idea and would definitely help increase not only player satisfaction but total immersion too. +1
  3. Looks nice. I'm interested to see how this develops. Best of luck.
  4. Absolutely support this. I've had the same issues with a boat trying to transport it across mass bodies of land. As you say the /fixveh is not applicable via admin policy. +1
  5. It's really captivating to find someone that's not an avid roleplayer on the server express an interest in the day-to-day ongoing of character development. I RP quite passively and legally, developing networks through normal means and you're welcome to watch this but it's not really action packed. Discord is IrishBloke#7327
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