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  1. I overlooked your offer, I apologize for that. Please contact me at 4383 and we'll arrange the deal then.
  2. Please contact me at 4383 and we will set up a time to arrange the deal.
  3. I am not looking to trade any vehicles, thank you.
  4. Both Obey Tailgater and Vapid Sandroamer RV for sale. Vehicle's have good mileage on them, hardly used. TAKING OFFERS
  5. Vapid Sadler Retro Sport Crew Cab Taking offers. Interested? Contact me at 4383 or leave a price below. (( OOC INFO ))
  6. Vapid Caracara 90,000 Vehicle worked on inside and visually. #4383 (( OOC STATS ))
  7. Selling my motorcycle $95,000 Interested? Let me know! 4383 (( OOC STATS))
  8. I haven't seen any performance issues so far. I say we keep it.
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