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  1. I love it, the whole thing reminds me of an old cat, if you know what I mean.
  2. Crédits : Alldaylong & Tombim
  3. Roger's truck is back on the road. Niner's meeting.
  4. It doesn't look the same, and it takes out the stroke. I think adding a /blindfold1 command with the grey color should be easy.
  5. Hi everyone, my suggestion is very simple, in fact it's to put another /blindfold or change this blindfold to grey. Why would I do that? Because when the background is black you can't divert it with photoshop, while if it's grey you can divert it easily. Here some examples: Here with the black background https://gyazo.com/35d290c2bca45f677a5444801ddeddee Here with the grey background https://i.gyazo.com/1e187380e0c3c8b9de1db61d7a71eef5.mp4 Grey color : #7b7662 Thank you for your attention.
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