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  1. I like this idea, kind of like pre-ordering the vehicle before it comes out, and eventually it makes its way into the market after time. I do agree with seeing way too many exotics around, it is so easy for a new player to get a ~200k car in 4 days.
  2. 2013-2014 Was when I played P:LA. My character was Woody_Marcus
  3. Sounds like you're the reason for not being interested or not understanding, the question to be asked is why are YOU not interested in playing the server? After that you can figure out how to enjoy what you do not like.
  4. I like this idea, it would make the RP better. I wanted to have a cab character, but I didn't want to spend my time sitting in my taxi.
  5. On SA:MP I mostly spent my time on Project Los Angeles, and LSRP with my brother. Was part of the staff team and in LSPD on P:LA
  6. What is the donator feature? That is what I have been asking. Please read for more than a few seconds and I'm sure there is a valid option to fix it ?
  7. Yeah. That would be nice aswell. Would be great for the quality of the server. That is a good idea, if the Donators do not already have a lower cool-down (I'm not sure), then that could be a thing. Donators could maybe place another ad in the queue, or maybe have some sort of priority in the list for their next ad after the cool down.
  8. I think that the same rules will apply (If I understand what you're saying), the cool down will still be there of 20 minutes, once after the player could use the /ad command to enter the queue with their ad again.
  9. Short description: An AD Queue, so players do not have to repeatedly type /ad Detailed description: No crazy detailed update, just a quality of life update would be good for the server in my opinion. Not really sure how the company / business advertisements works, but for general ads something could be done. You'd get queued, at a certain time whether that's still 3 minutes time, couple players ad's would get posted a few seconds spaced out and the queue would be bumped up. A command to /removeadqueue or something would be to remove the player. Commands to add: /ad, /removead Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? Quality and Experience of players. It would place you in a queue so you do not have to keep typing the command and your ad will be posted. Additional information: Don't already know if there is something like this out there on the market but I am in CS in school, so not sure how hard something like this would be. c9k
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