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  1. 34 years old Veteran is looking for an employment in Blaine County. Experienced in: Mechanical work Small firearm handling & training (Perfect for ranges and gun stores) Send an e-mail ((PM)) or call on 11458909.
  2. nope, I tried enabling it and it takes off A LOT of my FPS and doesn't give results... my MSAA was always off and I didn't have issues like this... I start to believe it's a driver or something
  3. I started my game once and, all of a sudden, I have these jagged lines in the distance... Never had them before... I even reinstalled windows but it did not fix, it's both on Rage and IG. This is zoomed in version
  4. SiMo

    [4SALE] Caracara2020

    Yes, I accept. E-mail me to schedule the sale. ((PM))
  5. SiMo

    [4SALE] Caracara2020

    Bump! - Only Caracara left!
  6. SiMo

    [4SALE] Caracara2020

    (( Still hasn't, dw I'll update it if that's the case ))
  7. Description changed to "college student"... I am trying to rent it out, simple as that... and no I won't live there
  8. SiMo

    [4SALE] Caracara2020

    Stanier is sold... Sold - call me on 85096612 or e-mail. ((PM to schedule due to timezone))
  9. I am trying to rent it to a female...
  10. You can call me or send an e-mail to schedule visit. ((PM))
  11. [4SALE] Caracara 2020 Buyout: $95,000 ((OOC Info))
  12. [4RENT] 3 Rub Street - Floor 2, Room 4 Renting Studio-apartment in La Puerta for a college student - $25,000/month Call - 85096612 or send an e-mail ((PM))
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