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  1. 203 Meteor Street This beautifully located and fully furnished single-story apartment is up for sale. Located within the Meteor Street complex and comes with it's own community shared pool, it also comes with it's very own private balcony to the rear of the property, spacious enough to spend your evenings relaxing on. Market Price: $75,000 ((Furniture Value: $48,022 )) Interior Photos - https://imgur.com/a/MGg6NUI Starting Price - $120,000 Buyout - $123,022 OBO
  2. Definitely needed, spent so many times struggling at dealerships cause of this.
  3. Always wondered why there wasn't a system in to take advantage of the subway systems, I'd like to see this be added.
  4. Would be a great option for multiple people. Not every character can obtain or want to obtain a license for a firearm, this gives people a simple option to stay safe whilst out in the wild.
  5. $180,00 and consider it yours.
  6. Vapid Dominator Classic Starting Price: $185,000 Buyout: N/A ((OOC stats)) -
  7. Drop me a contact number, consider the bid accepted and the property yours.
  8. Not sure if I'll be able to make time for one, but I'll contact you if able.
  9. Bid noted. The ad will remain up for another 24 hours, if no other bids come in, consider the property yours.
  10. 210 Laguna Place This beautifully located two-story apartment is up for sale. It's in need of the finer details and a fresh set of furniture, but other than that this place has been treated extremely well and would make a great buy for anyone looking to live close to downtown or the area itself. It also offers up multiple balcony's for the owner to take advantage of the fresh air and views of the city. Market Price: $105,000((Furniture Value: $110,925 ))Interior Photos - https://imgur.com/a/xto2BLr Starting Price - $216,000 Buyout - $425,925 OBO
  11. Have to give a big thanks to the admins that helped create an immersive and enjoyable RP session out in the woods. @KV @Wirbelwind
  12. "Fixing up The Sixty-Eight!"
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