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  1. Sheesh the whole thing? Just for one crashing game. Goddamn.
  2. I'm using Windows 7 and everything I've tried has failed me.
  3. Unsure if I'm the only one who has this problem, probably not but as of now I might be the only one being pissy about it. So for the past few days I'd say three to four days I've been battling RageMP. So I haven't played for two or so months and wanted to come back to something new, with that being said I knew my game, Gta V and RageMP wouldn't be up to par with updates and such. Now I know I could've just updated my game but I recon I could just start all over. So what I did was I deleted my Gta V and RageMP and re-installed them. At first I installed my Gta V on the address: I:\Games\Gta V\s
  4. https://i.imgur.com/gG3vkSU.png[/img
  5. This story will follow the development of Josefina "Josie" Ruiz.
  6. This thread is going to follow the development of Elena Otsuka and Kayden Otsuka, both Asians who reside in a black neighborhood. They are Japanese who were born and raised in the US. They recently moved to Los Santos to take care of their grandmother who lives alone in Davis.
  7. I'm seeking for a house or apartment or whatever is available in a safe area. Has to be decorated, contact me through here to discuss prices and such. Much rather have a home around Cougar Avenue. Thank you.
  8. So I'm in need of a job for myself and a girl. The job has to pay well, we were thinking something around a bar. Please contact as as soon as possible, we are starting to become a bit desperate about it. Leave your phone in the comment and we will contact you soon as we are free or around to take that call or message. Thank you in advance.
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