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  1. Hey! I‘d suggest to reach out for the Chief of Police, Fire Chief and the Chief of the Sheriffs in order to reset your password, they have admin rights on the websites where they can change your password for you and after you log in you can change it Individually again! 🙂 visit their discord serves for that, I‘d suggest.
  2. Take your time and read over the rules again, be cautious about your grammar and spelling mistakes, try to write everything understandably 🙂 Also I‘d suggest try to find the dots between the RP situations and irl situations because of the realism and usage! I am sure you’ll be able to get through the process just read carefully what the staff team writes to you as a response in order to correct your answers 🙂
  3. Hey! I can only suggest that you read carefully over the rules again! Try to connect the scenarios with RL situations or common sense! I am sure you can find the dots, just keep in mind that it has to be realistic and comprehensible! 🙂
  4. Hello dear people, I don't know how you guys feel about it, but whenever I need good animations It takes a ''bit'' until I find the right one! That's why... I wanted to start this ANIMATIONS GALLERY! DOWN BELOW you will see all the categories of the ANIMATION section in-game. In order to see the animations please click on ''reveal hidden contents'' HOW TO USE THE ANIM? -> 1. Just wirte /anim (NameOfAnimation[number] -> 2. click on ''i'' and then go to the second page -> animations -> select your category and choose! -> to STOP the Animation you
  5. HaveADream has already made their point, I think it's quite comprehensible. I think it's just that the topic is too sensitive, there are so many discussions about legalizing it or not worldwide! This shouldn't be the only reason for you to not participate though!! Political Roleplay is freshly out and has yet to be experienced! You can still dive into many more topics to discover them and try to bring them further!
  6. Hello dear people! I've seen that the point of view discussion about the illegal rp has become quite a pot of different opinions! To see all the engagement of you guys has made me very happy and I'd really like to know what you guys think of political roleplay and the results coming from it? I have to admit that I'm quite interested in politics IRL, so to see that our community has got this path of RP has definitely created another roleplay opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from. IRL it's mostly that people are a bit scared of joining a party, because they don't think
  7. Illegal RP is an equal part as the legal RP, so I can't say much against it. It is another huge path players choose for their characters, which is a great opportunity for them to experience new stuff and get another perspective! However, I always hope that the players portray their characters properly and roleplay their actions in that way as well... I've experienced not very well good robberies, but it happened. I just want that Illegal RP players are looking out for the roleplay of their characters (that counts for everyone's roleplay though, to rp properly)
  8. cxn


    I like this idea and Support it! Hopefully it will get through, since camping roleplay is something many players consider to do and actually do, but having these new ideas implemented would just create another feeling roleplaying it. It would give the player another experience and it would most definitely enhance the roleplay!
  9. Dark mode would really change the game! I am support this suggestion, let us see how it will go.
  10. I agree that Rule 19 is very clear about players and characters. However, I don't think the addition is needed. If we take a look at Metagaming it is like a fusion of IC and OOC, may I quote: ''Providing in-character (IC) information to another player using out-of-character (OOC) means. Providing OOC information to another player using IC means. Using OOC means to find in-character information. Using OOC communication and/or information to influence anything in-character.'', which means that there is basically no boundaries between IC and OOC. In the rule they already give us an indicator to r
  11. Uh, just go to the clothing store and try to search it, but I am also not 100% sure if it is available.. so you better check it out 😄
  12. I like this idea and support it, however I have to also agree to orca. I think notes or info marker need to be placed to wherever the graffiti was made. After all, this increases the rp Potential and creates another environment to have a look at, especially for new and old gamers to give it a go, maybe!
  13. Hey! I totally get our point, but you can always google outfits and inspire you as you see them. So like just try to find something nice on google and try to make something out of your own with your style. For example: (Source: https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/skins/96306-skin-random-22-outfit-country.html )
  14. cxn

    GTA V on laptop?

    I actually tried to play it on my laptop too but It didn’t work even though I also got a Lenovo which was considered as ,,powerful“, however it couldn’t deal with it so I had to buy a computer instead. I mean if your laptop can handle it, very good!! 😄 But Mike couldn’t and reading the other comments is just a slight approval that if you want to play GTAV it needs to either be a really strong gamer laptop or a computer that can deal with it.
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