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  1. If you are interested to join then please send out an email to [email protected] ((cxn forum pm)).
  2. Do you want to buy it for the buyout price?
  3. LEGAL FACTION MANAGEMENT POINT OF CONTACT Dear Community, please find the listed point of contact of the faction handlers down below. This should give you an oversight to see whom you can contact in regards to faction reports and complaints. Furthermore, I would like to let you all know that you can always forward any ideas and suggestions to us. In order to report a faction I recommend you to have a look at this https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/73-report-a-faction/ before submitting your report in a wrong format. Best regards, LFM Legal Faction Management Team Head of Legal FM @cxn Senior LFM member: @Storm Legal FM members: @Zani @Biscuit @Moe @Keane @Red. @Banks @JimmyCZ Faction handlers: LEO Los Santos Police Department - @Storm Los Santos County Sheriff's Department - @Banks San Andreas State Fire Marshals - @cxn San Andreas Park Rangers - @Zani FIRE & MEDICAL Los Santos Fire Department - @Moe Pillbox Hill Medical Center - @Keane Hope Health Group - @Zani Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner - @Red. & @cxn GOVERNMENT & POLITICS San Andreas State Government - @Keane Los Santos City Government - @cxn San Andreas Aviation Authority - @JimmyCZ Judiciary of San Andreas - @JimmyCZ Democratic Party - @cxn Republican Party - @cxn MISC. FACTIONS University of Los Santos - San Andreas - @Moe & @Banks Bobcat Security - @Biscuit Blaine Aviation - @JimmyCZ Aururm Energy - @Biscuit Los Santos News Network - @Storm News X - @Storm Bellicose MMA - @Red. Prestige - @Moe BUDGET REQUESTS @cxn & @Moe
  4. Congratulations to everyone ❤️ @Groz we will miss you.. 🥺❤️
  5. Hey @bartman, I can see where you are coming from and I hope we can work this out smoothly. The idea of the senate is to create political RP, especially with the bills it has been a very great opportunity for the players to get themselves involved with the senate in order to be able to write bills. So the aim for the senate was always to ensure that they have this political aspect of the roleplay. Now, if we compare this with IRL, the senate can also write bills which do need to be signed by the president so they become a law, the process is the same here, but we got the governor who is either signing the bills or vetoing them. LFM is not here to demolish fun and hope, we want to create a healthy and joyful environment for everyone so the community has a great experience while RPing. The bills that are done will impact the community and that's why we review these bills and see if they need some improvements or good to go. I can also refer to this screenshot, because it does sum up the points that are being discussed.
  6. Hey @bartman, I hope you're fine, I wanted to clarify your questions. The senate is responsible to write the bills and then to vote after the writing/creating process is done. LFM acts as the governor (Shanks, as the head of FM), who can either sign the bill as it is or veto it. If a bill comes across a veto, it needs to be amended after the changes have been amended the bill can be resubmitted. LFM is not arbitrarily deciding whether a bill needs to pass and other ones not, we simply look over them as the ''governor'' and evaluate if the bill needs some improvement or some amendments so there won't be any issues. If you would like to discuss anything further, feel free to send me a direct message! 🙂
  7. Congratulations everyone ❤️
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