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  1. didnt work, PC turned back on and now i'm missing both of my legs
  2. i got my eyes on yall woop woop
  3. server isnt toxic enough, we need more hatred in the community raise car prices even more make houses even more expensive remove all shitty cheap looking civilian cars, replace them with all the super cool expensive cars like the Zentorno or the Adder not enough violence on the server, give everyone guns get rid of player reports. you got killed in the game? cry about it
  4. Username: officialjoeyv Comment: Best purchase of my life! I can't wait to buy the other apartments too!
  5. it depends on several factors really. for example the impact a faction has had on the server. say if you had a faction that lasted no longer than two weeks and later on a diff set of people make the same faction then dont expect them to recognize you just cause youve been there before them. on the other hand if ur faction has had significant impact and someone reopens then i feel like that warrants getting the lore recognized
  6. Everything the person above me has ever rp'd
  7. Username: officialdon_winnigo Comment: Of course LSNN supports this anti-american SPY. The Devil is in the details people, LITERALLY
  8. hardcore gtaw players foaming out their mouth when their mechanic doesn't know where every single bolt is on their car but to answer the question, I wouldnt mind seeing some more blue-collar stuff, especially construction working. I remember back when the server started construction firms were a thing and it was mandatory that you contacted one when you requested a building.
  9. Username: OfficialDon_Winnigo Comment: This riot was no more than a warning sent by the government. They are telling the population that they WILL shoot with no hesitation. Chamberlain is infested with government drones under the disguise of "gangs". I mean who even promotes riots with POSTERS?
  10. Username: officialdon_winnigo Comment: The Matrix movies were just mere threats sent by the government. "This is what we will do to you if you don't obey!". I am ready for the nuclear war, Pentagon! And you should ready yourself TOO.
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