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  1. Post said april 9th. I was just about to place a bid of 190! Ah man!
  2. If it's all passive and so on why can't you just do this yourself with the proper property request, and portrayal?
  3. I thought this was a different /blow command. ** ERP intensifies **
  4. Not at all I figured it out. I thought i responded. Thanks!
  5. These dudes running the city right now!
  6. This would be dope as fuck I see so many possibilities with this.
  7. No. This makes it easier for people to abuse /q. If you wanna relog you can always press F1.
  8. Anyone else having this issue? Redux works perfectly fine in single player. I've seen numerous of people with redux on the server. Not sure why it doesn't work for me? Any idea?
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