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  1. Bump, could also be traded with a super volito.
  2. You trying to buy half of the helicopter?
  3. Selling my personal aircraft, it has around 200 flight hours ((200 miles)) and is in top form. Was purchased this year so make the calculations yourself. Twin engine and equipped with retractable gears. It has three landing lights up front. The aircraft is considered a luxury one so, lowball offers will not be accepted. Price: $850.000 (Negotiable). Call at: 2022 or comment down your offer. Gallery: OOC Info:
  4. Send me a personal message with some pictures of it, if you dont mind. I will see what I will do after.
  5. Selling both of these vehicles, they are both in perfect shape and rarely driven. Pfister Price: $250.000 or could be traded for a Carbonizzare. They both come with: Cypher Price: $165.000 1) Performance and Turbo Package 2) Cypher has 284 miles and the comet has 385 miles. 3) Both come registered but without insurance, it has expired due to low usage. 4) Pfister has a custom plate. Contact for meeting: 2022 or send me a personal email at [email protected] ((Forum pm)). Gallery: Pfister PS: DO NOT post funny bids, you will just get left on seen thank you. Cypher: OOC Info: Cypher: Pfister:
  6. You was part of a flying school, plenty of people there to make contact and be friends with, but you decided to pull those moves, knowing people were waiting for you at that airfield. I would call this show off or trolling. Its my opinion not judging. There is plenty of ways to not be bored IG, even without rule breaking.
  7. As new year is coming closer each day we gave Blaine Aviation Field some small festive details. Feel free to come by and hang out.
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