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  1. I can't agree with this at all. Ima be honest after being in LSPD and LSSD and also being Gang Unit in LSPD theres a lot of cases that can come from a lot of shit that LEO rpers just clean up and toss. Seen it countless times where a body is /senttomorgue and casings are dumped in the ocean. Why? Because the shooting is over and the boring part of paperwork is unwanted. Now I'm not saying this is everyone but it happens alot. I think the PD need to be harder on gangs and actually apply pressure when they get the opportunity because some of these gang live like its a lawless Afghanistan.
  2. Diverse characters and good beef. I'm sorry but the gang scene is dry when it comes to rp and such. Nearly everyone is a emotionless killer who will shoot at the drop of a hat and throw all character development and realism to the wind. Wars are now just back and forth wipe attempts until everyone is pked in a matter of days. Everyone out of nowhere in some gangs or MCs become shooters over night and it just turns into a DM fest. The recent Mongol and Vago was is a prime example of where wars are at in this server. Hate me if you want I really don't care but its a prime example of conflicts in this server. Try to up the score daily with as many bodies as possible so you got something to put on video or screens. The same for street gangs where there is a shooting almost two times a day in wars and no interactions end without bullets flying and 9 times out of ten reports follow. Where the roleplay of jumping your enemy, fighting, throwing signs, trying to embarrass your ops, social media beefs, and many things that can go before just daily shootings. I want to se more in depth conflicts between rival factions not just 'Oh we hate eachother load up four deep and shoot' everyday.
  3. Smoking yo homie. This shit choking me.
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