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  1. I've been experiencing huge FPS spikes from my usual stable 70-90 FPS down to as low as 30-42 in places such as Mirror Park, Vinewood, Richman/Rockford Hills, Grove Street and Jamestown.
  2. I'd like to offer the buyout price for this property providing you are able to arrange a viewing.
  3. Switch

    too many mobs

    Gabagool? Over heeeeere.
  4. Accents aside, never call Football 'Soccer'. I recommend you look into the different phrases used for common every day things used by both Americans and British people. 'Potato Chips' versus 'Crisps', 'Bonnet' versus 'Hood', 'Boot' versus 'Trunk' and so forth.
  5. Fully support this and would love to see it added.
  6. Username: LSSaintsFan87 Comment: @Straight Outta K-Town 6+ human lives are worth a lot more than some fire station? Yeah, until there's a fire in an apartment complex, and then dozens, maybe even hundreds of lives are at risk. Your efforts to tar the FD with the same brush as the LSPD or LSSD just go to show how moronic you really are. Hell, your moral compass is so fucked, I'd be amazed if you could find your way to your own front door.
  7. Switch

    New Phone UI

    I actually really like this idea. It'd be pretty cool to text someone selling a car or something and have them send back an actual photograph they've just taken of it in the DMs rather than suddenly having to take it all OOC and have to head onto discord to see pictures. Supporting.
  8. Very welcomed news. Looking forward to checking this place out.
  9. I kind of feel like all that's going to happen is people adding the absolute bare minimums to stock interiors just to validate work being carried out in the property prior to a sale after the 14 day grace period has expired, then selling a 75k property for 100+ and calling it a day. New players won't know the difference and many won't question it, and for that reason I do see this as taking advantage to make a quick buck. Where's the RP in that? The problem I see with the market right now is that prices are just crazy. You can argue on one hand that anyone can ask for whatever price they feel something is worth, and that's valid, to a point. On the other hand, it drives the market up, preventing players from ever realistically purchasing properties because they just can't afford 800k-1 million plus for properties in Mirror Park or elsewhere as a prime example. This, in my opinion, leads to players script farming just to gather the cash they need to buy properties, or only a select few ever get the opportunity to change zipcodes. It leads to extremely limited character progression because, well.. you just can't afford the ridiculous house prices being asked. That takes Roleplay out of the frame, and that's not what I think this server is ultimately about, or what it's advertising. House prices need to be adjusted, and I'm kinda leaning towards the idea of limiting the number of properties a character may own, unless there's a valid IC reason for it, for example being a realtor.. and even then, I'd like to see insurance and title companies coming up that have the front-end 'Website' forum pages for those and a place of business in-world to ICly negotiate the sale of properties, carry out viewings and have all the legal paperwork required to do business. Just saying you're a realtor and doing all of your work out of FaceBroswer as an example just doesn't cut it in my book, and isn't realistic in the slightest either.
  10. I like this idea, but I'd also like to see it tied in with the existing cargo delivery jobs. Having the three GoPostal locations added as delivery routes for large goods vehicles would add a sense of realism to the logistical supply chain and create a feeling that mail being delivered by GoPostal workers doesn't just appear out of thin air - It needs to be delivered to a District Hub by a goods driver, and then sorted, loaded and delivered locally by a Postie. That would mean GoPostal would need a fourth building - A state-wide Regional Sorting Hub, which truck drivers collect from, then pick from one of the three district hubs to deliver the mail to. Additionally, on the flip side if the above suggestion just isn't viable or is too over-reaching. The addition of collections from Mailboxes dotted around each area would be more than achievable. It would mean each mailbox would need to be scripted like vending machines are for people working for GoPostal, with the option to /collectmail or similar from each one, return to the van and then head back to one of the three GoPostal buildings to deliver mail for sorting would be a nice addition to the job.
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