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  1. Deal with it ICly, what's up with people wanting to turn everything into an OOC issue? Bring someone with you or have them meet you in a public location if you want to sell your car. If you'd like to sell your house without getting robbed, it's very easy to do that. Post an advertisement on the forums, unlock your house and then post advertisements in-game and simply send them the address if they want to check it out, you don't have to be there yourself.
  2. It's very easy to avoid extorters. Have an employee or more around when you open up your business, then when the extorters come, have your employees tell them that the owner is not there, and simply keep repeating that. That requires you to not act as the owner whenever you'll be operating your business though.
  3. Exactly, that's my point. We don't want this server to be like LSRP.
  4. My distrust of the server's staff? Re-read what I said, I am supporting the current system which the staff members came up with.
  5. The 'same people' came up with the current system, which I think is sufficient.
  6. Who gets to decide how the roleplay quality of a faction is judged? At the end of the day, it's about having fun and not adding more useless 'requirements' for a faction to become official. Being a weapon or drug supplier shouldn't be treated as having the holy grail either and these positions shouldn't be too challenging to obtain. The system is completely fine as it is, we don't want another nightmarish scenario of having 2-4 factions controlling the drug and gun market just like on LSRP, no thanks.
  7. If you're hinting that what the server needs is more of an LSRP-style faction process then it's a huge NO from me. Some factions only got the official status due to their OOC friendships with certain staff members, and then the gun market was only controlled by two to four factions at a time, which is abysmal in my opinion. Getting drugs and guns shouldn't be a big deal, because we're portraying the USA, where it's very easy to get guns and drugs. You claim it will showcase quality roleplay, but this is something that is actually judged in-game, not because some people are better at editin
  8. $75,000 Has already been sold to the last bidder.
  9. Awesome guy, had a very pleasant time roleplaying with him.
  10. The problem is that there are many people who for some reason are more than happy to fill out a forum report just to spite the other party, despite the fact that they may have lost nothing. If someone is constantly trolling and deathmatching, or otherwise doing something that actually has negative consequences to someone, then by all means fill out a report. If someone did something that did not negatively affect anyone, why bother wasting people's time?
  11. I think punishments in general, whether warnings, ajails or bans should be handed out in accordance to the effect that the violator's actions had on other players. Did you break the rules and nobody was negatively affected? Meh, who cares. I think punishing someone for something that didn't affect anyone is similar to putting people in jail in real life because they smoked a joint or sold a little weed, which is pointless anyway.
  12. Top notch quality roleply whenever I roleplay with y'all, keep it up.
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