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  1. Happy to take this offer over the previous. Leave details in my inbox either here on email.
  2. Will be happy to accept this offer, unless better ones appear in the meantime. Please leave your contact details on the provided email, or the inbox on this website.
  3. Not looking for trades at this time, unless the trade-in happens to be a Vapid Scout.
  4. For Sale: Albany Primo Asking Price: $29.000 145 miles Used reasonably throughout ownership, maintained. Sports Package Option Alloy Rims Wine Red Registered & Insured (( OOC Information )) Contact through email service only. [email protected]
  5. Sold. Message me detailing contact info and availability.
  6. FOR SALE: 1032 Roy Lowenstein Boulevard STARTING: $270.000 BUYOUT: $331.000 ((OOC Info)) Spacious Large Backyard Garage Driveway Gated Recently Remodelled Two Bedroom INTERIOR:
  7. The system you speak of, about filtering petty or useless staff reports already exists. Problem is that its incredibly easy to spin your staff report in such a way that gives your case validity, and even if in the end your punishment doesn't get withdrawn, it may very well be reduced because you worded it in just the right way, and mentioned a little word or half-truth that gets you cleared of a part of the handling admin's reasoning, much like actual court. People who are repeat offenders are some of the most crafty rule lawyers, they'll find the loopholes and convince others they shouldn't have been punished as harshly.
  8. All of the above. We punish adequately, we get staff reported and/or harrassed and it usually ends with a reduction or withdrawal of the punishment unless we as admins really put our foot down on our punishments, which I always try to do when I'm approached about something. If the community wants harsher punishments, and if the admins want harsher punishments, I don't think we should be as lenient on players as we currently are.
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