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  1. Sevataris


    Based momento numero uno.
  2. If she wasn't wearing cat ears nobody would complain. The crime rate is so high and people still wonder why everyone has a CCW? It's literally the only way for a civilian to defend himself when cops are not available. This is America, if people can buy guns, they will buy guns, why? They don't have to justify shit, they have the right to own them. Y'all just want to keep civilians as the victims but if you get clapped by one you start to cry about it. C'mon now. Remove the cat ears though. That's ridiculous to begin with.
  3. Username: HAMASLOVER Comment: Literally how's that newsworthy lmfao, who gives a shit? Go back to whore yourself out on OnlyFans.
  5. I paid for the whole speedometer so I'm gonna use the whole speedometer.
  6. Wym people have been RPQM'ing women since forever
  7. This. It's not hard to see that some people clearly roleplay their fantasy or fetish but have yet to roleplay a woman properly. Yesterday's festival was a prime example where people thought that wearing bedroom lingerie while wearing high heels to dance on the SAND of a beach was a normal thing to do.
  8. Username: HAMASLOVER Comment: Yeah bet it's easy to shoot in the middle of a busy crowd and suing a student/artist.
  9. Not what I suggested + There is a suggestion for this already, you can find it here.
  10. Short description: Add a way to return to the old buying clothes interface. Detailed description: Basically have a command that would allow us to go back to the old clothing interface (Same way we can return to the old weapons wheel) as a QoL improvement while the server fixes it's instability issues that have been ongoing as of late. Commands to add: Something along /togclothing or /clothingui Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? With the huge number of clothes added, the ever growing number of players and the whole stress it's putting on the
  11. Very insightful and based. Thank you, should I ever think of doing some hunting roleplay, I'll make sure to read this again first.
  12. One of the best FPS on the market. 10/10 would unveil my taqiya.
  13. i think that if we applied the ten million relief plan as a server / forum / facebrowser rule we'd be better off
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