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  1. please dont bully wirbel bing bong shes my wife ooc
  2. **The stream continues as Jiri hops into the driver's seat, shortly followed by Lux who grabs the camera and begins filming the laps.** ((credit goes to @luxfor the screenshots, very cool!)) **They eventually finish the last lap and go park up the vehicles, an audible "Fuck G6." is heard coming from the camera holder, in this case being Lux.** **Jiri presents himself in front of the trophy trucks as he's being filmed.** "Thanks to Hawaiian Snow for bringing us out! Had tons of fun, nearly
  3. **The trophy trucks go onto a track, they do a first lap, then Jiri is given control and does yet another lap, to the great misfortune of Mike.**
  4. **THE STREAM CONTINUES, the camera shows Jiri climbing into a trophy truck and being in the passenger seat.**
  5. "Be right back people, gonna get changed!" **THE STREAM IS ON HOLD.**
  6. "I couldn't! Someone interrupted me!"
  7. **The camera keeps on rolling as newcomers arive, since few people are typing in chat, Jiri doesn't respond unless spoken to since he's focusing.**
  8. **The stream keeps on going as Jiri is being taught the basics of skateboarding.**
  9. **Jiri has his phone in his breastpocket, the camera popping out and showing Mike still, the camera shakes a bit as Jiri tries to stay stable.**
  10. "Here's hoping!" **Jiri aims the camera at Mike as he teaches him the basics.**
  11. "NO PROMISES ARE MADE, have you seen the SIZE of this thing?!" (( @Wirbelwind)) **Jiri and Mike walk around the Hawaian Snow rooftop.**
  12. **The phone camera seems to be held up in the car, as it's facing Mike for the time being while Jiri seems to be driving somewhere, the LS landscape goes around.** "Okay so today, I'm going to try skateboarding, never done it before, will probably die and end up on liveleak."
  13. LIVE IS : ONLINE. **Mike and Jiri seem to be together on the stream.** "Hey hey people! Long time no see, how's it going?"
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