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  1. There needs to be a completely new inventory UI for this, where you can see all items (preferably with images) and you can slide and take whatever you want. Every time you take something, a /ame would appear, and there needs to be a cooldown for every item you take, so you don't spam it.
  2. Morgan

    ngrp players

    Bob Lee Swagger, Mark Casey and Michael Scofield here...
  3. Morgan

    Blood Loss

    Same issue with blood spatters, Forensics/Investigators will be rushing to blood spatters and ignore everything else, RP quality will be affected.
  4. Blood contains DNA, DNA is collected through mouth swabs.
  5. Morgan

    Radio rework

    I think we should also be able to take radios from people and access whatever frequency they are tuned into when using their radio. I can think of several situations where that's helpful, not to mention that it's more realistic.
  6. I suggested this a long time ago and I'll make mention of it again: add normal and silence mode, meaning if somebody's phone is ringing, it should show a /ame on top of him since we'd be able to hear it unless he activates the silence mode. The phone would also buzz and vibrate when it receives a message. I made a longer suggestion about this months ago. Phone ringing/buzzing - Archive - GTA World Forums - GTA V Heavy Roleplay Server
  7. Just click on the slider and then start moving through the items with the arrows just like before. As for the chat thing, I noticed this before in a garage shop and it really hindered my RP when I was being talked to by the garage owner or on the radio/phone. Maybe add an option to make the menu invisible by pressing F3/F4 and then bringing it back by pressing it again without actually closing the menu.
  8. My bad, you're right, what am I thinking...
  9. Short description: Maintain corpses, casings and items dropped from said corpses spawned in after server restart for 48 hours (more or less depending on server stability) Detailed description: What's the perfect crime you say? Shooting somebody just before the server restarts, so the magic happens and the crime scene is cleaned for you. This happens way too often and it doesn't allow LEOs to investigate anything. Corpses, casings and items dropped from said corpses should remain spawned in after server restarts for a period of at least 48 hours. The number of people who go missing because we can't find their bodies and investigate their deaths is outrageous and the number of people abusing this is skyrocketing. Commands to add: Items to add: How would your suggestion improve the server? Self explained above... Additional information:
  10. Been suggested before. If we don't get a tackling system, this shouldn't be a thing yet. IRL, police get hands on a lot but that can't happen IG, so the tazer is the only solution right now.
  11. This will create such a good diversity and allow players to properly portray their characters, supported.
  12. This suggestion should be about not seeing nametags behind obstacles, no matter what the situation is, which I think is possible in 1.1, I've seen it before.
  13. I agree with that, but there needs to be a way to implement fingerprints and DNA. Right now we use the nametags OOCly to identify people.
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