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  1. Leave people to roleplay whatever they want. As long as they don't break rules, I don't care. I don't want to see people getting slandered over their opinions and preferences either.
  2. Port is good as it is. People used to literally ram trucks to rob them while they did their deliveries. Let port people have their peace down there, it's a restricted crime zone, not a no crime zone.
  3. As long as you realize you aren't your character and things that happen to your character doesn't affect you in any way you should be fine. Unless you are self-inserting, you shouldn't really have a problem with whatever roleplay you are experiencing. It's pretty straight forward.
  4. I'll buy it off for 60 K.
  5. This part is the most limiting. Limited amount of furniture hacks on both robber's rp and PD's rp. Robbers who won't get more furniture boxes will RP as the place don't have anything interesting left and just leave, which results in law enforcement arriving to a scene where robbers are already far far away. There's no risk involved, there are barely any gains. 24 Hours limit per day is fine. It's the furniture box limit which kills the system in my opinion.
  6. Add this one in. But not in form of covering the entire text with a /me, instead, go for the [Spanish] tag in front of the text. I'm too lazy to put that in myself so when I do /lang if it automatically adds the tag in front just like how /autolow does with all the emotes, I'd appreciate this addition and believe most people would welcome it. Otherwise it doesn't make sense. People are able to pick up words and understand intentions from speech patterns and their knowledge of the language.
  7. Time and resources. Limited. People keep asking the same here quoting me. I've been asked a question as a member of this community and this is the answer. I've come here to get a heavy roleplaying experience, not to suffer because the already busy administration team has to look after a "light roleplay server" as well. As an entirely different project irrelevant to GtaW which doesn't suck it's resources? Yeah, why not. But as a part of it? It isn't needed.
  8. People who came here they came here for the heavy rp promise. I would not accept anything lighter for my fun.
  9. They aren't scam, you might actually win in there however the trick is to leave when you are winning. The longer you stay, the more you will lose. If you're playing on tables and table has an average hold of %10, every 10/100 game approximately you would lose. That also means, you will lose %10 of your entry money. So leave when you're ahead!
  10. Working as a manager in a casino!
  11. Roleplay server, interacting. I agree it comes off as aggressive, however they can't be all wholesome either. They are gangbanging, they live terrible horrible lives and have to portray that somehow. Without further derailing from the topic though, I think stopping being toxic to each other is the key here too. When I see somebody doesn't like the RP they are experiencing, I figure it's better if it wasn't done altogether and relent usually. Generally, if everybody was like that then we could have the utopia.
  12. My last sentence in my post states that there are some bad apples unfortunately and only thing you can do is reporting them for poor portrayal and crossing your fingers for the outcome. Other than that, it really works how I described it as.
  13. You gotta understand gangbangers being suspicious of people from outside of their local circle. They would rather be ready for bullets flying because it is what it is. They are going to come check you, they don't necessarily have to press you, but if they know you are a stranger they will try to swat you away from their zone. There are two solutions to follow for this one. One, stay out of their zone. Two, have a solid reason to go into there. If you're going to be in a zone where gangs are active, don't stick out like a sore thumb. Don't go with your supercar, don't use an expensive bike, don't wear revealing clothes/rich clothes and have a good reason to go in there. This reason could be knowing someone and paying a visit, could be to buy a property or sell a vehicle et cetera. Some people though, genuinely have no idea how to rp that shit. Thus we have the fame of "Davis".
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