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  1. Van

    Amazon's New World

    From what I've seen, crafting is pretty fun and fight feels alive for a mmorpg. It's no fancy stuff but you actually have to have skill to fight, being able to smash some buttons doesn't mean anything in New World. Other than that, story is bare bones at this points so don't expect much. Housing system feels cool, you can buy houses from questing cities. There aren't much gear to what I've seen so far but I haven't played past 10 levels so that doesn't mean much coming from me.
  2. New World beta starts today, exactly in three-ish hours! Anybody else is excited? I'll be playing in US-East Worlds, let me know!
  3. I'll revive this, in order to get more ideas and reactions since I'd like this one to exist or actually be a part of it's creation. I'm not talking about the office job as a part of already existing businesses, but an actual company which serves a purpose, uses the office as their main workplace. We've seen such offices in TV shows already, some of us works in some of those in real life. I'm not talking an office place with five desks et cetera, I'm talking about an office place as large as 10-15 small hubs and large assignments for groups of people, regular meetings and strategies to create profit for company. You wouldn't need high qualifications in order to join those; you would only need very basic skills of communication and some sort of community college degree. Maybe marketing, maybe an employment center, maybe something more creative; but an actual office faction for legal roleplaying could be good.
  4. Lacking. I've stated it before, I've stated why I found it lacking before.
  5. Buyout. Give me a call. 99925995.
  6. A character who knows how to build stuff of their own and more independent from city folks, because not everything is accessible to them. A character who has to step up in order to protect his own because response times would realistically be slower than in city.
  7. Offering 80 K.
  8. just sniff the powder dude why cry about it
  9. 250 K if you're willing to. Contact my e-mail [email protected],
  10. Heavy Roleplaying Server, things should be as realistic as they can get. If RP feels shallow to me, as a person who knows Casino operations inside out irl, then this means it's not realistic in the way server would like it to be. I feel like I'm a person who could share his two pennies at this specific thread. Big casinos usually operate in a manner of corporation. Think of a business which is open 7/24, regardless of any holidays and they also usually operate with hotels in order to provide their customers with free rooms, free meals and all kinds of promotional services. Right now best promotion you get at a casino in server is probably holding a raffle, which is alright but still as I pointed out shallow. Some casinos hold out promotional games for special nights, they redecorate their interiors often and hold out big events for the community they are in simply because they make the bank. These things I'm counting at are barely even scratching the surface, therefore my opinion is that casino rp currently is shallow. And yeah, I kept it long sorry but sure it does have something to do with the fact that I'm a manager at a casino OOCly. I'm biased.
  11. As a person who is a manager at a casino OOCly, I find casinos ig shallow at best.
  12. Yeah, I know discords do exist, they are definitely helpful. But also there are many people who aren't in those as well. Or who would just prefer ig reactions, or any other reason. Might just make a whole another suggestion to point every aspect of it out, see how it goes from there.
  13. I would like to have another faction-like group for characters which represents communities. So it goes like this in ranking: Community Faction Group Person Out of four, only community and faction would have it's own scripted chat and grouping. This could help bond people more and rp seeing each other around more.
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