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  1. I am willing to sell mine for something around $120,000. It's off-road ready, with a lot of work done and almost new in condition. If you wish we can meet up and talk over it.
  2. I have a Vapid Sandroamer RV, off-road ready. Are you interested?
  3. Vehicle bought! Thank you for your interest. ((Topic can be locked.))
  4. Sold to me or to someone else? If me, please e-mail me with a meet-up time.
  5. Do note that I have started at your starting price which is 150k. I will be around in a moment for viewing.
  6. Starting, When will the auction end?
  7. Manchezes have been found! Just looking for the Vapid Sandroamer RV now.
  8. Declasse Alamo has been bought. Only looking for a Vapid Sandroamer RV now!
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