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  1. Got a Buffalo SXT, Yosemite new gen and LCC Hexer I'm looking to sell, also interested in the Benefactor XLS, can contact me on 65939020.
  2. Interested in the Benefactor XLS or the Vapid Scout, 65939020.
  3. I'll take it for the asking price.
  4. Has been sold privately. ((( can L&A )))
  5. Selling my beloved Dubsta Sport, its a great SUV with a new performance package and a new anti-theft system. Starting bid: 100k Buy out: 135k ((( OOC )))
  6. Ahh ok, I get what you mean dude my bad.
  7. Pretty weird statement considering clubs like Vagos and Mongols are known for having ex Surenos in their ranks.
  8. JordanM

    Map changes

    Replacing maybe the oil fields in El Burro with a neighborhood with maybe projects would be dope, the biggest problem with gang RP in El Burro is the lack of commercial properties and its a shame to see that in an area that would be heavily gang infested.
  9. JordanM

    Map changes

    All of those look dope and would be a great addition.
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