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  1. Yea pretty certain it is still fucked on rage however this will likely change when the new update comes out.
  2. The sync doesn't work when firing from cars right now last I checked which means you won't do any damage whilst in a vehicle and firing
  3. Still hiring indeed, contact me with the number provided.
  4. Support, underage ERP is just Nonce rp and shouldn't be allowed.
  5. ((Sorry for no replies was out of the country for a long time)) Message the number posted with the original ad, I will be in touch
  6. The store is currently hiring new members of staff. Are you twenty one or older? Seeking an easy job with a steady income? The store employees are paid $4000 an hour by the Government grant. They also get a 40% cut of all sales made whilst on shift, along with bonuses based on store revenue If interested call or text # 33239803. Or send an Email instead (Reply here)
  7. Looking to buy a Benefactor Dubsta Sport. Call or SMS #33239803 Or send an email (Reply to this thread)
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