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  1. Just a simple thing that annoys me. The text in the searchbar is white, and not good to see. Example:
  2. Lampadati Komoda Features: Nardo Grey Performance package Adjustable suspension Bear lock system ((LVL 3)) Full Rieger aero kit Xenon lights BBS 19 inch rims Pirelli tyres Limo tinted windows Leather performance seats Pictures: ((/vstats )) Asking price: $130.000 Feel free to leave an offer down below. No lowball offers allowed.
  3. Offering $86.000, right now. Number: 4276587
  4. Short description: The ability to use /fines inside a vehicle. Detailed description: There is not much to explain. Right now you cannot use /fines inside any vehicle. Commands to add: None Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? In real life you would be able to look (and pay) your tickets anywhere, even in vehicles. I just think that it's weird to get out your vehicle to check your personal fines while you got them RPly on a piece of paper that you can store in your vehicle. Additional information: None
  5. Yes it says, starting €125.000. But I guess there wont be a a bidder to give you 125 for the vehicle.
  6. Totally agree on this, however I do like to listen some music which I know are safe to use, in my case Slam FM which is a official dutch radio station. Why not let the user decide by command when to turn off. So make a sort off settings dialog where you can choose to disable and enable it. But also give the option to disable streams by other players, and allow streams by yourself. Just spitting out a idea as a addition to this thread 😉
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