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  1. While I agree that it should be the norm for people to try their best, I don't really see anything wrong with trying to encourage people to go back to doing so with some kind of brownie point system. That being said, rewarding people for "good RP" is really difficult to pull off on a practical level, because there isn't a team of 100 invisible admins constantly patrolling the city and monitoring everybody at all times. How are they supposed to know when somebody does "good RP", and what is "good RP" by definition anyways? All you'd really end up with if you made it so admins could hand these hypothetical points out manually is a way for people to get rewarded for RPing with staff, not necessarily because they have an unfair bias towards their friends but because those are the people whose RP they experience on more than just a surface level. Don't see how you'd automate it without it being massively exploitable either.
  2. Not a fan of the 100% chance of death on a headshot thing, I think people die plenty in a world where everybody's a dead-eyed psychopath who walks up and 2-taps anybody who hits the floor. But yeah, if the rule's gonna be there, this should be a thing. Would probably save the admins a lot of headaches.
  3. I'd love some RDR2RP. My heart wants nothing more than to yeehaw unironically.
  4. Love that idea. Doubt it's got much of a chance at becoming a thing though; People hate change and the way things work right now has been tried and tested for like a decade now. If you look at it from the administration's perspective, it probably just doesn't make sense to make such huge sweeping changes to a working formula while the server's doing as well as it is.
  5. Meh? I think stripping everybody's assets on character death would be pretty damaging to the server tbh. Whether you like it or not, the RPG element of watching numbers rise and collecting nice things are a big part of what gets a lot of people playing for hours and hours every day, and keeping that money after character death is what keeps it from feeling like a 'game over' because even though yes, your character's gone, you've opened up a lot of new avenues for what your next character can be through the hours you put in. For example, if you wanted to make a character who's a rich trust fund kid living in Vinewood and driving an overpriced supercar their dad bought them, you couldn't do that on your first go around because having no control over how much money you start with means everybody's first character has to be completely self-made if they want to be anything other than some nameless poor person.
  6. Bulletproof logic. How do I change my vote?
  7. The people who only play to go clubbing and ERP are honestly pretty harmless and those who whine about them incessantly and go around agitating them ICly for it are a hundred times more obnoxious and fully deserving of the PF licensed Clint Eastwooding they get for their efforts.
  8. The idea that bad and cringy RPers will magically stop being so because you take off their cat ears is puzzling to me. It's the same with people who want to remove the ability to RP a minor because some people can't pull it off. Like how do y'all not realize that the person is the problem and people who suck are always gonna find new and innovative ways to suck until somebody actually removes them from the server? Also, nyah~
  9. Nice guide, though I do hope nobody takes the list of do's and don'ts at face value as things you absolutely shouldn't do while engaging in this RP rather than just what is likely to be the club's IC expectations of the women. Side note, the fact that every bit of Biker lingo around women sounds like something Johnny Bravo would come up with is hilarious to me.
  10. Nahh. Plenty less constructive shit gets posted in there, music and videos that are at least semi relevant to the faction at least contribute a little bit, as opposed to some of the more egregious ways people stat-pad their threads.
  11. Not really a big fan of the idea of having to put one of those labels on my characters tbh. A character's faction status can change pretty quickly and possibly multiple times while you play them and having to go through staff to get your stuff moved is a hassle both for us and them.
  12. To each their own I guess. Just seems like a lot of effort to uproot from RageMP or old SAMP to start over again on what as far as I can tell is just kinda GTA SA again with a built-in ENB.
  13. Would definitely be nice. Feels bad having to pick and choose which of the things I like to, well, like.
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